How To Reduce Loose Skin After Weight Loss Surgery

by Al Paterson


In some cases, diet, exercise, and supplements won’t be enough. In these situations, there are medical and med spa treatments to consider. Skin tightening after weight loss surgery can be done through surgical body lifts or certain med spa treatments like Profound.

How do you get rid of loose skin after bariatric surgery?

To begin, you need to stay well hydrated. Hydrated skin is more elastic and will be better able to manage the changes in your body weight. Then, eat plenty of healthy fatty foods like avocado and salmon, which contain skin-elasticity-promoting properties that can help your skin heal naturally.

How long does it take for loose skin to tighten after weight loss?

œIn general, it can take anywhere from weeks to monthseven years, says Dr. Chen. If after one to two years skin is still loose, it may not get any tighter, she says.

Do compression garments help tighten skin?

A benefit of compression clothing is that it can help reduce irritation, pain, itching, and the risk of infection. Keep in mind that compression clothing doesn’t tighten skin, but it does help with the side effects of loose skin.

Do all bariatric patients have loose skin?

King: The amount of excess skin a person may have after bariatric surgery depends on genetics, bodyweight distribution, and how much weight is lost. Most of my patients have excess skin to some degree, but if they’re on the lower end of the BMI spectrum, they’re not going to have as much extra skin to contend with.

How do I get rid of saggy belly skin?

7 Ways to Eliminate Loose Stomach Skin
Add Exercise to Your Routine. At-home treatment options are ideal for minor sagging. .
Try Topical Creams & Lotions. .
Make Lifestyle Changes. .
Ask About Laser Therapy. .
Learn About Radiofrequency Treatments. .
Request Laser Resurfacing. .
Consider Tummy Tucks.

Can I get my gastric sleeve tightened?

With endoscopic sleeve revision, we can tighten a stretched sleeve from the inside, using endoscopically placed sutures, reducing its size and restoring restriction and fullness. This procedure is closely related to the endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG).

How can I tighten my skin after surgery?

Treatments are performed using precise lasers to target deep into the dermis. The heat from the laser stimulates deep tissues, triggering cell rejuvenation which both tightens and improves the appearance of the skin. Sometimes this is referred to as a non-surgical face lift.

Will losing 50 pounds give you loose skin?

Will Losing 50 Pounds Cause Loose Skin? If you drop large amounts of weight, especially from quick reductions in belly fat, it is possible you will have some extra skin left behind. Prolonged periods of obesity can stretch your skin, eventually damaging the collagen and elastin that help keep your skin tight.

How do you keep skin tight while losing weight?

Building muscle mass through weight training exercises can help decrease the appearance of loose skin, especially if the loose skin is from weight loss. If excess fat distends the skin for a long time, the skin can lose some of its ability to shrink with weight loss.


Apart from oils, there are other natural substances which can help in firming up the skin.
Banana. Bananas are rich in potassium, vitamins, and natural oils. .
Cucumber. Cucumber helps retain elastin and hyaluronic acid which are necessary to maintain firm skin. .
Pineapple. .
Aloe Vera. .
Coffee grounds scrub. .

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