How To Take Bee Pollen For Weight Loss

by Al Paterson


Bee pollen appears to reduce menopausal symptoms through its anti-hormonal effects and ability to suppress estrogen production.

Can bee pollen make you lose weight?

Bee pollen has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, can boost the immune system, and can aid in safe and effective weight loss. Bee pollen also contains a high amount of protein, as well as vitamins and minerals that can aid exercise recovery and energy.

What is the best way to consume bee pollen?

Bee pollen pellets should be soaked for two to three hours before eating. Or, grind the granules into a powder and mix them into foods like yogurt, smoothies, or honey.

How much bee pollen should I take daily?

Alternative health advocates recommend starting with a dose of 1/4 teaspoon, gradually increasing to 2 tablespoons daily, and watching for symptoms of an adverse reaction, such as itching, swelling , shortness of breath, dizziness and severe reactions throughout the body. . . Children should start with a few pellets.

Does bee pollen speed up the metabolism?

Pollen contains high-quality proteins and amino acids that can aid in such absorption (30). Other animal studies have shown that bee pollen can enhance muscle growth, speed metabolism and promote longevity (3, 31).

How long does it take for bee pollen to take effect?

Some people say their allergies will go away within a month of taking them, while others say you should start 6 weeks before allergy season if you want to see improvement.

Should bee pollen be taken on an empty stomach?

Pollen also works faster and more effectively if ingested with food. You can take it straight from the spoon like I did or it can be added to smoothies, sprinkled on breakfast cereals, yogurts or salads. The taste varies depending on the type of flower from which the bee pollen comes.

Should bee pollen be refrigerated?

When stored in the refrigerator, bee pollen has a shelf life of up to 1 year. Bee pollen can also be stored in the freezer, which will maintain its quality for up to 2 years. Taken out of the fridge or freezer, fresh bee pollen is only good for a few days before it starts to lose quality.

What does bee pollen cure?

According to researchers, bee pollen may work similarly to anti-inflammatories. In a rat study, scientists found that bee pollen extract reduced inflammation in rats with swollen legs. Research on mice has shown that bee pollen has anti-inflammatory effects when used to treat their liver disease.

Does bee pollen increase estrogen levels?

Bee pollen not only acts as an aromatase inhibitor, which decreases estrogen production, but it could also affect estrogen activity, thanks to phytoestrogens which could bind to estrogen receptors. A study found that bee pollen induced anti-estrogenic properties despite the lack of estrogenic activity.


It can be taken safely at any time of day or night. Just keep in mind that some experience a surge of energy after taking the substance, so it may be better to consume it earlier in the day rather than at night. It can also be mixed into anything including cereal, applesauce, yogurt, smoothies, etc.

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