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How To Use Kala Jeera For Weight Loss

by Patty Allen


Cumin can boost your metabolism, lower your cholesterol levels, and help lower your blood sugar. Studies confirm that consuming ground cumin helps some people try to lose weight.

How do you drink black jeera?

Next, add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice followed by 1 teaspoon of honey. Now fill the glass with lukewarm water. More
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How many days will it take to lose weight by drinking jeera water?

To prepare jeera water, you just need to soak a handful of cumin seeds in water and let it sit overnight. Soaked for so long, the seeds swell and release bioactive compounds into the water. Once you drink this concoction in the morning everyday, you will notice a difference in just 10-14 days.

How does Kali Jeeri lose weight?

These herbal ingredients can be powdered and taken daily to promote good health. Kali Jeeri, Methi and Ajwain Dry Roasted Powder helps reduce cholesterol and weight. It can be taken daily to control the sugar level. Increases metabolism and thus helps to reduce weight.

How often should I drink jeera water to lose weight?

To lose weight fast, keep drinking jeera water

What are the side effects of Black Jeera?

Kalonji Side Effects and Allergies on Health

Kalonji or black seeds are safe for children when taken in small amounts. However, when taken in large amounts, it can cause low blood pressure or hypoglycemia, which can be life-threatening.

Can Black Jeera help with weight loss?

Kala Jeera (Nigella Seeds) Benefits

It is beneficial for good memory, balanced sugar levels, heart health, cholesterol reduction and improved concentration. It also relieves joint pain and headaches. Contains phytosterols, known as essential fat cutters for weight loss.

How much weight can you lose in a month drinking jeera water?

How much weight can I lose with Jeera water? Just a few pounds. Jeera water will boost your metabolism, but only to a certain extent. If you don’t change your diet either, your body will eventually reset your metabolism and you won’t lose any more weight.

Can I drink jeera water without boiling it?

Yes, you can consume Jeera water without boiling it. All you have to do is soak the jeera in a glass of water for 10 minutes and drink it straight after straining.

Should you drink hot or cold jeera water to lose weight?

6/03 ​The right way to take jeera water for weight loss

Soak 1 teaspoon of jeera water in a cup of water overnight. Boil for 5 minutes in the morning, strain and have. If you are in a hurry, you can also take it without boiling it.


A successful weight loss plan is 80% diet and 20% exercise. Since your goal is to lose weight in 15 days, you should focus on full body exercises instead of focusing on just one body part. A cardio session of 45 to 60 minutes a day is enough to facilitate your 15-day slimming diet plan.

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