How to Use MCT Oil for Weight Loss

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Medium-chain triglycerides are a type of fat used to make MCT oil, a dietary supplement. MCT molecules are more compact than the majority of the fats you consume (long-chain triglycerides [LCT]). They are hence simpler to absorb. MCT is readily absorbed into the bloodstream. This transforms it into useful energy.

Loss of weight

The effects of MCT oil on metabolism and weight loss are among the key reasons why people wish to use it. In multiple trials, MCT oil was found to increase weight loss, particularly when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

But how is it beneficial?

It functions in a manner comparable to other lipids like CLA.

  1. MCT oil boosts fatty acid oxidation inside the liver and in other tissues, which directly increases fat burning. Fatty acids, which are the building blocks of your fat cells, are broken into power or ATP via oxidation, a catabolic process, in the mitochondrial of your cells.
  2. MCT oil has indeed been demonstrated to aid in reducing hunger and boosting fullness. Carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids are all macromolecules that influence satiety receptors in the brain in slightly different ways. A high intake of carbs, especially refined sugars, can only keep you satisfied for a short period of time.

Is the MCT oil-related benefit for weight loss significant?

Except when combined with other weight reduction treatments, the small but not particularly significant weight loss linked to daily MCT oil consumption.

There is evidence from numerous research that daily consumption of MCT oil reduces body weight, waist and hip circumferences, total fat mass, total covert fat mass, and even abdominal fat. If used daily, the maximum amount of weight reduction that may be expected is between 2-3kg, or roughly 4-6 pounds .

How Do MCTs Aid in Weight Loss?

Consuming MCTs has the minor benefit of having a 10% reduction in calories compared to LCTs due to their shorter chain length. Compared to LCTs, which have 9 calories per gramme, MCTs have roughly 8.3 calories per gramme. But this doesn’t cover everything.

Typically, calories would be the only consideration while evaluating a food. MCTs, however, differ from LCTs in a number of intriguing ways other than merely calorie content.

As was already established, MCTs differ from LCTs in a number of ways.

  • Better in decreasing food intake at meals
  •  Directer delivery to the liver
  • Better conversion to ketones
  • More body heat production
  • More widely accessible as an energy source

How So much MCT Oil Should I Take to Lose Weight?

The daily dosage of MCT oil used in the study for fat reduction varies greatly, ranging from a half-teaspoon to three tablespoons (about 2 to 54 mL) each day. The studies’ lengths range from four to sixteen weeks as well. Additionally, some research employed various dosages for men and women.

What’s more, very few investigations include timing in their procedure. It’s crucial to time the MCT oil dosage for a few reasons.

  • In particular, taking a dose before such a meal causes a spike in ketones during that meal.
  • This should enable you to consume less at that meal without feeling restricted and keep your hunger levels down.
  • It’s crucial to time a dosage so that it does not coincide with a large meal, especially one high in carbohydrates.
  • This guarantees that the oil has the most ketone possible.

What then is the ideal MCT oil dosage?

Studies have shown, as was already noted, that individuals on really low-calorie diets do not experience hunger if their BHB level is 0.5 mM13. According to one study, hunger returns once BHB levels fall from 0.4 to 0.1 mM21.

Does MCT oil by itself aid in weight loss?

If you substitute MCT for LCT, you might retain less fat and be satisfied for longer. You might eat less if you’re not as hungry. If you substitute MCT oil for coconut oil, you might consume fewer calories. Despite encouraging research, there isn’t enough evidence to prove that MCT oil will cause weight loss.

What time of day is ideal for consuming MCT oil?

The optimum time to consume MCT oil during a fast is that when if feel like you require an additional boost to make it through the last hours of fasting, even though most people find that doing so in the morning is most beneficial.

How soon does MCT oil start to work?

MCT, or medium chain fatty acids, is the abbreviation for medium chain triglycerides. This oil is made from coconut oil and palm kernel oil. Within just 15 minutes, MCT oil is entirely absorbed and transformed into energy.

How often should I use MCT each day?

We advise you to begin by experimenting with 5–10 grammes of MCT each dose, with one–three total doses per day. Even though you can test with doses of up to 15 grammes, some people start at that level and experience side effects.

How to lose weight using MCT oil

It doesn’t really matter how you take it as far that you are in a calorific deficit. Use any of the methods mentioned above, or simply take a tablespoon.

MCT oil in powder

If you’d prefer, you may also purchase MCT oil in powder form, which will function the same as oil and could even be more beneficial for you if if travel frequently or don’t enjoy an oily texture.

MCT gummies

Do you like to take a pill? good news You can also purchase MCT capsules, that are convenient for eating or drinking while on the go or during hectic periods because they don’t require any preparation.


It has been demonstrated that MCT oil supports fat and weight loss. This could ultimately lower your risk of heart disease . In a study involving 24 obese males, it was discovered that ingesting flaxseed oil, phytosterols, and MCT oil over 29 days lowered cholesterol level by 12.5%.

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