How To Write A Heartfelt Thank You Note & Why You Should Do It More Often

by Jerald Dyson

An appreciation message can be any expression of gratitude or thanks, from a simple note sent by email to an ornate card with a handwritten letter delivered in the mail. As family strategist and coach Sonya Belleti, LCSW, explains, people often send appreciation messages after receiving a gift, to thank someone for showing up for them (such as to a wedding or funeral), or to help stand out after a job interview.

“An appreciation message is one way to let someone know how much you appreciate them for what they have done for you,” licensed clinical social worker and health coach Sarah Brown, LCSW, tells mbg. “It is so important to show appreciation to others, and sometimes giving an appreciation message can go a long way.”

Brown notes that appreciation messages can be meaningful to send out to truly anyone who has impacted you personally: “Think, hair stylist, childcare worker, personal trainer, coach, mentor, etc. They can also be used for colleagues and for your team if you are in a leadership role in a work setting.”

The great thing about writing appreciation messages, Belleti adds, is that they benefit the giver as much as the receiver. “When we are writing a true heartfelt appreciation message, we tap into gratitude, which is always great for lifting our spirits as well as the recipient,” she explains. “Appreciation messages don’t always need to be big gestures to be impactful. Expressing gratitude to someone makes a person feel seen and affirms that their efforts were noticed and appreciated.”


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