I Thought My Chest Pain Was From COVID — Then I Got This Frightening Diagnosis

by Jerald Dyson

While I was still in the hospital, once I got to the point where I didn’t look like a train wreck, I FaceTimed my kids to stay connected. Also, there was one day where the kids visited their grandma’s hotel room which was right across the street from the hospital, with a direct view of my room. Even though I was still really weak, I waved to them through the big window in my room—they were so excited to see that.

As I started to get stronger, my two older two kids were able to visit me in the hospital. I was actually able to hug them, and explain the situation, which was an educational moment for them.

Now, I’m pretty much back to normal: playing sports, working around the house, floating around with the kids, taking them on bike rides. We’re doing all the things we were doing together beforehand, the only caveat to that is I’m still considered a heart failure patient—even though I don’t feel like one.


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