I Wear These Sandals Everywhere & It Feels Like I’m Walking On Clouds

by Jerald Dyson

The sandal’s EVA foam midsole plays a huge role in maintaining this level of comfort. It provides both arch and heel support to ensure that every step feels cushioned (and not like I’m walking on a flat piece of cardboard). The straps are also thicker than your typical sandal, so the shoes feel securely attached to my feet even when they start to sweat from the summer heat. Of course, it helps that there’s quick-dry webbing along the sole to prevent any slippage.

But my absolute favorite thing about these shoes is that even with blisters covering my feet (a lovely image), I was still able to wear the Tevas all day long without worsening their condition—even when the straps were directly touching my blisters. For context, another failed sandal experiment had left my feet battered with fairly gnarly blisters. I was rightly nervous to try these shoes on, as I figured they would either make my blisters worse or just generally uncomfortable. Alas, I barely even remembered the state of my feet until I had to take the Tevas off again.


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