I’m A Dietitian: This Is How I Keep My Daily Digestion On Track

by Jerald Dyson

During a trip to Thailand in early 2019, I got food poisoning—and afterward, my gut balance just wasn’t what it used to be. As a health care professional, I think it’s probable that the food poisoning incident wiped out a lot of the good bacteria in my gut. I began experiencing gut health needs (incomplete digestion, gas, bloating, irregularity) for months following that trip at random—it was so frustrating to deal with. 

Fast-forward to almost six months after the trip, when I began incorporating mindbodygreen’s probiotic+. Slowly but surely, with routine use, I noticed my gut health definitely benefited from these four targeted, clinically studied strains.* My personal digestive needs were addressed within just a few weeks of using the supplement consistently.* I was so excited that something was finally working—which improved my mood in and of itself.*


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