I’m A Facial Rejuvenation Expert & This Habit Is A Major Cause Of Sagging Skin

by Jerald Dyson

The first step to relieving tension from bad posture is to simply acknowledge that it’s happening. Once you’re more aware of how you’re holding your body, you can ease the areas in which stress is accumulating. 

She explains that this may mean being more mindful of how you hold your phone (at eye level, she advises) or reworking your desk setup to something more ergonomic. But as we all know: Life happens and none of us are perfect at how we position our bodies during work, I type as I’m hunched over my laptop and sitting on my sofa

So it’s not about holding perfect posture throughout the day but rather having exercises to check the tension in your body throughout the day. One go-to for Buccari is so easy, no tools required, totally free, and can be done at any point throughout the day. 

“Make an L-shape with your arm and place it behind a doorway, then allow your body to move through the doorway slightly—so you feel that expansion across your chest muscle,” she says. “This is so important because it helps correct that forward rolling that happens in the shoulders throughout the day. When your shoulders are forward, it crunches the back of your neck—or what we call the ‘gate of vitality.’ Keeping this open is so important.” 

The point is to make this as easy as possible to remember throughout the day: “It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. It doesn’t need to be a practice that feels overwhelming to you,” she says. 

For more exercises and facial massage techniques, tune in to the below. 


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