I’m A Nutrition PhD & This Supplement Supports My Heart & Brain Health*

by Jerald Dyson

“Fishy taste,” “fish burp,” and “I’ll just start eating more fish.” These are the top three reasons people share with me when they explain why they’re not taking an omega-3 fish oil supplement. Perhaps it’s why you stopped taking one (or never started in the first place). 

And who could blame you? Fish oil isn’t exactly the sexiest supplement, and with many questionable fish oil supplements on the market, the fear of getting rancid fish oil from your local vitamin shop or grocery store is, sadly, valid. 

But here’s the thing: Omega-3 fats are vital for overall well-being and longevity.* I’m sure you’re aware of the vast benefits of omega-3s for cardiovascular health and cognitive function, but there’s a myriad of other areas of health that need these important fatty acids—including musculoskeletal health, joint health and mobility, and vision (to name a few).* 

The problem? Getting adequate omega-3s is a nationwide struggle. 


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