I’m A Nutritional Psychiatrist & This Is My Favorite Mood-Boosting Snack

by Jerald Dyson

Another great option is pumpkin seeds, which contain zinc and iron—two nutrients shown to support healthy serotonin levels. What’s more, they’ve been found to promote dopamine availability in the brain. This can elevate your mood and even help with focus, so if you’re falling into that midday slump, pumpkin seeds can be a great snack to reach for.

The spices you use in a nut and seed mix can also have a significant impact on your brain function. Turmeric is one of the best mood-boosting spices, and it’s likely already in your kitchen. Just remember to combine it with black pepper, which allows its anti-inflammatory compound curcumin to become more bioavailable, therefore increasing the benefits it can have on your body and mind. 

Cayenne pepper is also a great spice to include within your mixture as it contains brain-nourishing capsaicin, a compound that may also be useful in elevating energy levels.

Looking to try your new favorite midday snack with mood-boosting abilities? Check out the video above or the full recipe below.


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