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by Jerald Dyson
integrative health coach

Integrative health coach: The obligations of a Health Coach differ depending on whether you want to pursue a full-time coaching practice, assist another sort of health practitioners, such as a doctor or nutritionist, or start your own business.

 A Health Coach’s primary responsibility is to assist customers in reaching their health and wellness goals, ranging from a better diet to stress and anxiety management. A Health Coach creates a safe space for clients to explore all aspects of their wellbeing to help them develop long-term habits.

Integrative health coaching, on the other hand, is a one-on-one program in which you work with a certified integrative health coach to reach your health goals.

This article would talk about integrative health coaches, how to become a certified integrative health coach and what integrative health coach training programs and universities would be best for you if you wanted to become one.

integrative health coach

What Is Integrative Health Coaching?

Integrative Health Coaching is a relational technique to working together with clients to address their overall health and wellbeing. It recognizes the interconnected functions of mind, body, and spirit, as well as each person’s intrinsic healing capacity, with a focus on self-care. 

Individuals or groups work with an integrative health coach to empower and assist them in attaining their personal objectives for maximum health and wellness.

What Does Integrative Health Coaching Involve?

A coach and client will work together throughout an integrative health coaching session to express: 

  • What is most significant to you in life, and what you want your health and wellness to achieve?
  • The most important factors that influence your health and wellbeing and how would you grade them right now, and which ones require more attention than others?
  • Your objective is to improve your overall health and wellbeing.
  • Upon reaching said goal, they will also give you certain steps to follow.

Another thing that will be discussed is what might help you finish your actions, set timetables, develop accountability mechanisms, and anticipate problems.

How Is Integrative Health Coaching Effective?

  • Integrative Health Coaching treats you as a whole person, addressing all of the major factors that affect your health and wellbeing.
  • Integrative Health Coaches pose compelling questions and help the process to optimize your potential for achievement. You are in command of your health and Wellbeing.
  • You and your Integrative Health coach will work together to define and express your objectives as well as the steps necessary to accomplish them.
  • Integrative Health Coaches are well-versed in lifestyle and integrative methods to achieve maximum health and wellbeing.

Responsibilities Of An Integrative Health Coach

integrative health coach

As an integrative health coach, you work with the person as a supporting partner. You’ll take the time to genuinely listen to your clients, ask them tough questions, and help them tap into inner resources they didn’t realize they had.

You will be fully present to listen carefully and assist clients through tailored, one-on-one meetings as an integrative health coach. You will partner with clients to reach their own health and wellbeing goals.

Recognize their natural intelligence and ability to heal themselves.

Help them and communicate with them without passing judgment.

Assist them in making healthy behavior adjustments in order to obtain the life and health they seek.

Make their self-reliance and self-care a priority.

What Things You Should Look After While Becoming A Certified Integrative Health Coach

Research Is Important

Step one in becoming an integrative health coach, like nearly everything else, begins with a little Google searching. No organization enforces precise course requirements or integrative health coach training hours, and there is no requirement for a license to practice. As a result, it’s critical to research programs to guarantee they need rigorous coursework and training in order to ensure you’re acquiring accurate information and skills.

Aside from IIN, IAWP and American Fitness Professionals & Associates are two more popular integrative health coaching training programs. Integrative health coach Universities, such as Duke Integrative Medicine and the University of Delaware, are beginning to offer integrative health coaching. It’s crucial to think about things like cost, time, and whether the format will fit into your schedule. IIN, for example, is a $6,000 six-month or one-year program (depending on your preference). The Integrative Health Coaching Foundation Course at Duke University costs $4,440 for 18 weeks. The Primal Health Institute is a six-month program that may be the most cost-effective alternative at $2,995.

Many people believe that IIN is the best option in terms of price, structure, and topics. It offers a year-long program or a six-month program, in which you complete the same amount of work as the year-long program but in a shorter amount of time.

integrative health coach

Another way to tell if a training program is worth your time is to look at who has graduated from it and if there are any good client reviews. If a program has received negative feedback from the Better Business Bureau, it is probably not worth your time or money.

Comparing the course topics of different schools is also a good idea. Perhaps one location has a health and nutrition philosophy that differs from yours, or they offer lessons that are too dull or basic for you. That’s yet another sign that it’s not the best option for you.

Talking To People Who Have Been An Integrative Health Coach In The Past Is Also Helpful

Because you’re about to spend a few thousand dollars on an integrative health coach university, it’s essential not to base your decision solely on the program websites. When determining whether or not to enroll in a program, it’s always a good idea to ask those who have already completed it and what they thought of their experience. 

Recommended questions to ask: 

  • How much time did you spend on the course per week? 
  • Do you have the opportunity to practice client sessions with other students so that when you graduate, you’ll be ready to work with paying clients? 
  • Is it enjoyable? 
  • Has it helped you advance in your career?


After you’ve made your choice, the next step is to enroll and, well, finish your course requirements. At the very least, set aside five to eight hours each week to attend video lectures and complete quizzes at the end of each session.

Larger online tests are part of IIN’s curriculum. For these programs, there are additional required small groups with other students that are conducted over the phone. These small groups are extremely beneficial for test prep and practice tests, as well as providing a secure area to discuss any concerns or issues that may have arisen.

Practice Sessions

integrative health coach

While enrolling in an integrative health coach training program, students must complete practice coaching sessions. You must complete five practice sessions to graduate from IIN’s curriculum. You can practice with friends and coworkers, but some people prefer to practice with family members or even other program students. This is a safer, less stressful atmosphere in which to hone your abilities working with clients, so you’ll feel more confident doing it on your own once you’ve graduated. 

Make A Business Plan 

Start putting together your business strategy even before you finish your degree. Consider who you’ll be serving as a client. Are they busy moms who want to lose weight? Perhaps you’d like to specialize in something, such as vegan catering or executives in high-stress positions. Once you’ve identified your specialization, establish a strategy for attracting clients. Are you planning to establish a website, and will you put out fliers to spread the word? Are you going to approach medical professionals and propose a collaboration?

Many integrated health coaching programs, like IIN’s, contain instruction on how to do just that. Some will even provide complimentary business cards or blueprints for fliers to their students. Most also include form templates that health coaches can hand out to clients when they’re ready to fill out. But it’s entirely up to you to make connections in your community, such as locating other health experts with whom to collaborate. It’s up to you to contact out and request a meeting with doctors, nutritionists, or other specialists with whom you’d like to collaborate and see if they’re interested in hearing how you can improve their services.


So how much can you expect to earn as an integrated health coach? Because you’ll be starting your own business in many circumstances, the amount you charge is entirely up to you. Some health coaches may choose to keep their session fees cheap in order to reach out to those who might not otherwise be able to afford a health coach, such as college students or people living in low-income areas. Others may charge $150 per hour to appeal to a different clientele. You must decide for yourself how much your services are worth and whether or not your business plan makes sense. The average compensation for a hospital or clinic employee is $48,239.


integrative health coach

Being a certified integrated health coach gives you the opportunity to change someone’s life. You probably can imagine how devastating anxiety or other mental and physical issues can get, and helping someone with something like that would be so valuable. 

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