Is Brukina Good for Weight Loss

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Burkina, as it is affectionately known, is a popular drink in Ghana made from millet and yoghurt. It is impossible to travel through the streets of the nation without coming across this beverage. Because it contains millet and yoghurt, which are both satisfying foods, most individuals eat it as their entire meal. It is referred to as “thiakry” in other West African nations like Senegal and the Gambia.


Due to its rich composition, “Burkina” beverage offers the body a lot of nutritional benefits. To name a few, it contains fibre, proteins, iron, calcium, minerals, and vitamins. All of these contribute to the benefits that follow for the body:

  • It brings down cholesterol levels

Lowering cholesterol levels is one of the body’s first benefits from “burkina” beverages. One key component of this beverage is millet, which contains several fibres, the majority of which are soluble. These soluble fibres trap fats in the intestines, lowering blood cholesterol levels in the process.

  • It works to combat infections

The body uses “burkina” beverage to fight infections, among other things. I suggest “burkina” beverage if you’re looking for a natural meal with excellent infection-fighting ability. It contains compounds that are often present in millets, such as catechins and ferulic acids.

  • Enhances immunological function

Burkina also strengthens the immunological system. Yogurt, a key component of the “burkina” beverage, is extremely high in vitamin D, which helps to keep people healthy. Moreover, yoghurt contains probiotics that aid in preventing inflammation, which is a major contributor to viral illnesses like the flu and the common cold.

  • Protects against heart disorders

Saturated fats, which are present in yoghurt, help the body’s high density lipoprotein, or “good cholesterol,” stay in place. This effectively defends against many cardiovascular illnesses.

  • It facilitates weight management

‘Burkina’ also aid in maintaining a healthy weight. It helps one achieve a healthy body weight, hence preventing obesity. Yogurt has a lot of protein, and one of the protein’s key functions is to lower the hormones that make us feel hungry more often. As a result, it makes one feel full and slows the hormones’ pace of appetite stimulation.

  • Promotes better bone health

The improvement of bone health is another outstanding health benefit of “burkina.” Calcium, potassium, vitamin D, and phosphorus are all abundant in ‘Burkina. Inside the skeletal system of the body, these are renowned for forming stronger bones.

All the aforementioned health advantages come from consuming a chilled “burkina” on a hot and bright day.

How brukina might help with weight loss

The benefits of brukina on weight loss have only received a little amount of scientific study. Some brukina proponents assert that by speeding up the body’s metabolism and encouraging a sense of fullness, which can result in less food consumption and weight loss, brukina can help people lose weight.

Nevertheless, these studies were carried out on animals, and further investigation is required to establish the similar effects in humans. Also, some suggest that brukina might aid in lowering bloating and water retention, which can help one feel lighter and smaller.

Studies and research in science on brukina and weight loss

The benefits of brukina particularly on weight loss have received little attention from scientists. The Senna alata plant, from which brukina is derived, has been the subject of some research, although the findings have been conflicting.

A different investigation conducted in 2012 and published in the Journal of Pharmacy and Bioallied Sciences showed that giving Senna alata leaves to rats significantly decreased. To validate the similar effects in people, additional research is required as this study was also conducted on animals.

Possible dangers and negative effects

Brukina has possible risks and adverse effects, just like any dietary supplement. The laxative side effects of brukina, including as diarrhoea, stomach cramps, and abdominal discomfort, are the most frequently reported brukina side effects. Using laxatives over an extended period of time, such as brukina, can result in electrolyte imbalances, dehydration, and reliance on the supplement for bowel movements.

It’s crucial to consult your doctor before taking brukina because it may interact with other drugs, such as blood thinners, diuretics, and some antidepressants. Also, taking brukina is not advised for those who have certain medical disorders like kidney illness, inflammatory bowel disease, or intestinal obstructions.

It’s crucial to remember that brukina’s safety and effectiveness as a weight reduction supplement have not been shown, and additional research is required to fully comprehend the advantages and hazards of utilising brukina for weight loss.


A traditional laxative and remedy for constipation, brukina is a tree remedy made up of the leaves of a Senna alata plant. By boosting the body’s metabolism and encouraging a sense of fullness, it has been advocated for weight loss, however there is little scientific evidence to back this claim.

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