Is It Your Inner Voice Or The Voice Of Your Guides? How To Tell, From A Medium

by Jerald Dyson

Later, I realized I had used one of the practices from my most recent book, Medium Mentor: 10 Powerful Techniques To Awaken Divine Guidance for Yourself and Others. This technique, “Fear Factor,” is a great example of just how easy communicating with your guides can be.

First, we take note of what’s scaring us and acknowledge how we might feel without it. Then, with the help of our guides, we turn our fear into an affirming mantra.

In my panic on the sidewalk, I’d identified it was the idea of the garage closing that was making me nervous. Then, I’d stated my intention—to go home—and for a split second felt what it would be like to do so. In response, my guides had given me a mantra: I’m going to find my car.

Prior to that moment, my mind had been cooking up scenarios: What if I don’t find my car? What if the garage closes? What if I can’t get home?

In contrast, my guides didn’t ask what-if. They didn’t elaborate or imagine. Instead, they gave me their message, simply and directly.

Messages like this are received through claircognizance, one of the six “clairs” (aka psychic senses) through which our guides communicate with us. It comes in as an unshakable knowing, often accompanied by a gut feeling. When our guides communicate through claircognizance, we just know. It immediately puts an end to the frenetic, jumpy “maybes,” which are the mind’s voice toying with us.

And whichever clair works best for you (this quiz will help you determine which one is your strongest), you’ll know it’s the real deal because it will be accompanied by a deep, even if fleeting, sense of inner peace. This peace is the exact opposite of—and antidote to—fear.


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