Is Sugar Alcohol Bad For Weight Loss

by Penny Alba


It is always possible to gain weight by eating foods containing sugar alcohol, especially if you eat too much of them. They are low in calories and carbohydrates, but not free from them.

Do sugar alcohols increase belly fat?

Some studies have shown that high levels of erythritol in the blood can lead to increased overall weight, abdominal fat, and changes in body composition.

What’s worse than sugar or sugar alcohol?

Sugar alcohols are 25-100% as sweet as sugar, but contain fewer calories and don’t have the same negative effects as regular sugar, such as promoting tooth decay and dramatically raising blood sugar. ( 2 ).

Do sugar alcohols count as calories?

One difference between the two types of sugar substitutes is that artificial sweeteners contain no calories, while sugar alcohols contain about 2.6 calories per gram.

How many sugar alcohols is too much?

Most sugar alcohols are considered safe at doses of around 10-20g per day, but this varies by type. For example, one review found that sorbitol causes diarrhea if ingested in amounts greater than 20g. However, xylitol has a higher safe dose of up to 70g per day, and some people tolerate up to 200g per day.

Do sugar alcohols count as sugar?

Sugar alcohols can be found in products labeled “sugar-free” or “no added sugar.” This may include sugar-free candy, chocolate, and energy bars. But make no mistake: sugar alcohols are still a form of carbohydrate and they still affect your blood sugar, if not just as dramatically.

Is stevia a sugar alcohol?

Erythritol is a sugar alcohol found naturally in many foods and is produced from the simple sugars in corn. For its part, stevia is a natural sweetener from the leaves of Stevia rebaudiana.

What do sugar alcohols do to your body?

Since these sugar substitutes are not digested in the same way as sugar, they are not fully absorbed by the body when passing through. Instead, bacteria in the small intestine ferment these carbohydrates, causing indigestion. You may have gas, bloating, and diarrhea with sugar alcohol sweeteners.

Is Sugar Alcohol Good for Keto?

Sugar alcohols are low-calorie sweeteners that generally have little or no effect on blood sugar. As a result, they are a popular keto option for sweetening foods and drinks.

What is the healthiest sugar alcohol?

Erythritol is often hailed as the best sugar alcohol: zero calories, zero glycemic effect and may even have an antioxidant effect.


If you’re looking to lower your sugar levels, there are some basic approaches you can take. The best thing to do is stick with hard liquor like gin, vodka, whiskey, and rum, but be careful with your blender. Wine is a good option, but it’s best to opt for a dry red or white. Beer can be good for low sugar, but can be high in calories.

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