Is Watermelon Good for Weight Loss

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We all enjoy eating watermelon in large quantities, but did you realise that it may actually aid with weight loss? 94% or more of a watermelon’s weight is made up of water. It is also a fruit with negative calories, meaning that eating it tends to burn off more calories than it does. You just burn more calories than you consume! So what are we waiting for if you enjoy the food watermelon and wish to get into shape? Say goodbye to belly fat by eating it on its own, juicing it, or blending it into smoothies.

Tips for Eating Watermelon to Lose Weight

  • In order to lose weight, you should burn more calories than you take in. A balanced diet must therefore be added to your exercise regimen.
  • The biggest benefit of eating watermelon is that it is primarily water, low in calories, and prevents you from having any additional cravings in between meals. Reduced portion size for other meals will result from this, which is ideal for weight loss.
  • But avoid eating watermelon after dark. Because of their acidic nature, watermelons may slow down digestion and interfere with bowel motions the following morning.
  • Try to keep your daily watermelon consumption to no more than 2 cups. Depending on your preferences, 1 cup might occasionally be the ideal serving size for weight loss. For instance, if you have 1 slice of watermelon at breakfast, you can have three slices for lunch.

Does Eating Watermelon Help You Lose Weight?

Due to its low calorie content only 46 calories a cup and 139 grammes of water plus fiber the watermelon diet is indeed a fantastic option for weight loss. You continue to feel fuller longer thanks to it.

  •  Watermelon has 11 grammes of carbs per cup. Its low glycemic load demonstrates that it does not cause an increase in levels of blood sugar that contribute to weight gain.
  • An amino acid known as citrulline, found in watermelons, is converted into the essential amino acid arginine. Arginine is thought to reduce the process of fat storage and enhance heart health.
  • Because it is inexpensive and large in size, watermelon makes a terrific between-meal snack. Other fruits with excellent nutritional value are hard to come by for the cost of one watermelon.

Diet plan

Here, we’ve included a 5-day melon diet plan for speedy weight loss. Let’s investigate them.

The five-day diet can then be started once the body is used to watermelons. Always bear in mind that during the five days, one must stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. Additionally, an adult should never regularly consume and over 2 cups of watermelon on terms of fibre.

This is the greatest seven-day detox diet, and sticking to it will yield the best results. Therefore, this food must be strictly adhered to.

·         Day 1:

–          Two slices of melon as well as a cup of tea for breakfast.

–          Lunch: one slice of watermelon, 150 grammes of boiling lean meat, and an equal amount of brown rice.

–          Dinner will consist of two bread slices with 60 grammes of cottage cheese and a slice of watermelon.

·         Day 2:

–          A slice of melon, a cup or green tea, and some toast for breakfast.

–          Lunch will consist of two slices of bread, 100 grammes of boiling lean meat, and one slice or watermelon.

–          Dinner will be 100 grammes of grilled salmon, a serving of rice, and a slice of watermelon.

·         Day 3:

–          A slice of melon, a glass of green tea, and some toast for breakfast.

–          Lunch will consist of three pieces of watermelon and 50 grammes of pasta with tomato sauce.

–          Salad and watermelon for dinner till you’re satisfied.

·         Day 4:

–          Two slices of watermelon for breakfast.

–          Lunch: 2 slices of watermelon and a pot of vegetable soup over toast.

–          Dinner will consist of two slices of watermelon and three medium-sized baked potatoes.

·         Day 5:

–          Three slices of watermelon for breakfast.

–          Lunch: Eat watermelon and 150 grammes of boiling lean meat till you are satisfied.

–          Dinner will consist of three slices fresh watermelon and 60 grammes of cottage cheese on two slices of toast.

Consuming a melon doesn’t really ensure long-term weight loss because the body becomes resistant to change when it becomes accustomed to a routine. The effects will gradually peak and diminish. Always engage in 20 minutes of exercise each day to maintain our bodies engaged and energetic.

The relationship between watermelon, hydration, and weight loss

The amount of water in a watermelon can reach 92%, or nearly all of it. A lot of water, that is! Being well-hydrated will aid in weight loss because hunger and thirst can often be mistaken.

  • Here’s the deal:
    You might be shocked to learn that drinking water will help squelch those annoying sugar cravings if you do it every time they appear.
  • Watermelon has a lot of water, so eating it could help and be much more enjoyable.
  • Remember that dehydration increases your likelihood of seeking for food. You’re exhausted and sluggish, and you’ll try anything to perk yourself up. A glass of water or a watermelon would be more healthier alternatives to eating and would benefit your body.


A popular cleanse diet called the watermelon diet may provide temporary weight loss. Additionally, while eating only watermelon for a few days isn’t healthy, it can be a component of a balanced diet, according to dietitians. Enjoy your meals with watermelon, not in instead of them, Taub-Dix advised.

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