I’ve Tried Everything For Healthy Skin — Here’s What Finally Worked

by Jerald Dyson

According to other users, this product was a no-brainer and definitely worth the hype. But I know my skin, and it’s not easy to please. It wasn’t until about four weeks of taking cellular beauty+ that I realized how wrong I was. My skin literally began to transform before my eyes.*

The first indication it was working: My mouth lines were fading.* And I wasn’t the only one to notice either. Soon, those close to me began to notice too. Shortly after (around week five), my skin began to feel more supple and smooth; my skin care and makeup applied more smoothly; and there was little to no texture whatsoever.* And it doesn’t end there. I began to feel genuinely better on the inside, too. In addition to my skin, my entire body felt more hydrated, and that’s all due to its revolutionary formula.* 

In particular, cellular beauty+ contains 30 milligrams of phytoceramides, which help guard against water loss—thus retaining moisture and hydration in the skin (goodbye, dry wrinkles!).*

It also contains some pretty impressive antioxidants. First, a whole fruit pomegranate extract, which has anti-inflammatory properties for healthy aging and helps protect the skin from the aging effects of UV rays.* Coenzyme Q10 is a fat-soluble bioactive compound that’s found in all your cells and helps them produce energy (hello, youthful and active skin cells).* In fact, a clinical trial found that daily CoQ10 supplementation reduced wrinkles and fine lines while enhancing skin smoothness.* Finally, the unique carotenoid astaxanthin has several beauty-relevant benefits: In multiple clinical studies, regular astaxanthin supplementation has been shown to significantly improve skin elasticity, smoothness, and hydration (while also lessening age spots and wrinkles) in as little as six weeks.*


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