The Healing Odyssey of James Gray Robinson, Esq. from Courtroom Triumphs to Wellness Mastery

by Jerome Knyszewski

"Balance is not about equality; it's the synergy of diverse elements. In life's rhythm, each note contributes uniquely."

James Gray Robinson, Esq. is a widely recognized healer and coach with a rich background that created his ability to heal and guide a wide range of professionals, entrepreneurs, and individuals young and old. He is a third-generation trial attorney who specialized in family law and civillitigation for 27 years in his native North Carolina.

He was an extremely successful attorney, earning numerous awards for his legal work and received an AV rating by his peers. However, after 27 years, he burned out due to stress.

He quit practicing law in 2004 to follow his true passion ofhealing. He has spent the last 19 years doing extensive research and innovative training to help others heal. He trained with internationally recognized spiritual healers and leaders and is certified in dozens of recognized effective healing modalities.

His energy treatments have been proven in the results of his clients instantly healing their broken bones, cancer, trauma related illness, PTSD, addiction, herpes, illness, relationships, stress, anxiety, and a wide range of emotional and mental disorders. His energy has been shown to increase growth and health of plants and animals.

In addition to the energy treatments, he trains his clients through self-mastery to take responsibility for their condition with neurobiology techniques that helps release not just the symptoms, but the cause of the disease as well. To provide a full range of healing, he offers coaching for mental, emotional, business and relationship challenges.

He is certified in multiple coaching modalities, including ICF, NLP, Timeline Therapy©, Hypnotherapy, Trauma Release Therapy, Meditation,EFT and Breathwork. He has taught wellness, transformation, and successstrategies internationally to hundreds of private clients.

His articles have been widely published in legal and medical journals. He frequently speaks at bar associations on avoiding burnout,depression, and addiction. He regularly teaches lawyers and other professionals how to create success and happiness while releasing stress and negativity. His mission is to empower everyone to claim their true brilliance to fully awaken their excellence.

Name: James Gray Robinson
Company: Gray Robinson, P.A.

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Tell us about your backstory. Who is James Gray Robinson and what led you to the path of healing?

James Gray Robinson: Sir James Gray Robinson, Esq. is a third-generation trial attorney who specialized in family law and civil litigation for 27 years in his native North Carolina. Burned out, Sir James quit in 2004 and has spent the next 20 years doing extensive research and innovative training to help others facing burnout and personal crises to heal.

He has taught wellness, transformation, and mindfulness internationally to thousands of private clients, businesses, and associations. As a licensed attorney, he is focused on helping lawyers, professionals, entrepreneurs, employers, and parents facing stress, anxiety, addiction, depression, exhaustion, and burnout.

Sir James is a highly respected speaker, writer, TV personality, mentor, consultant, mastermind, and spiritual leader/healer who is committed to healing the planet. He possesses over 30 certifications and degrees in law, healing, and coaching, as well as hundreds of hours of post-certification training in the fields of neuroscience, neurobiology, and neuroplasticity, epigenetics, mind-body-spirit medicine, and brain/heart integration. Having experienced five (5) near-death experiences has given him a deeper connection with divinity and spiritual energy.

You suffered a bout with burnout during your career practicing Law. What led you to the point of burnout?

James Gray Robinson: I did not know how to deal with the incredible stress a highly successful law practice can generate. I also suffered from a traumatic childhood with unresolved issues of guilt, shame, rejection, abandonment, anger and fear. I had been divorced twice and dealing with two ex-wifes was beyond my bandwidth.

I had been in talk therapy for several years, but that did not begin to help with the feelings of anxiety and depression. Substance abuse in the form of over drinking only exacerbated the problems.

Basically, my sympathetic nervous system was stuck on the defcom 5 position and the high levels of adrenaline and cortisol in my body caused my mind and body to shut down.

James Gray Robinson

At WellnessVoices, we believe that wellness is mind, body, spirit, and soul. To be truly well, we must incorporate all aspects of Wellness. What does Wellness mean to you?

James Gray Robinson: It is correct that we have to achieve homeostasis, a balance of our three minds (Higher Conscious, Conscious and Unconscious) and four bodies (Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual).

When any one of these is unwell, we do not have wellness. Some of this is simply common sense, eating healthy, exercising, meditating and helping/supporting each other. We have become lost in the push and shove of the post-Covid world and the complexity of social media and the internet. We have to return to Nature and our nature.

It is a misconception to think that equilibrium is equality, we don’t have to make everything equal. What we have to do is be aware of each of these components of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health and focus on each when they get out of equilibrium.

You recently gave a TEDx Talk at TEDx Mellen Street on the Autonomic Nervous System. What role does the Autonomic Nervous System play in our Lives? Share with us the process of Brain Hacking. Provide a few examples of how someone can use Brain Hacking to impact their day-to-day life and reality?

James Gray Robinson: The Autonomic Nervous System evolved from the first most primitive reptile brains to control basic bodily functions necessary for life without needing conscious thought (which developed much later in our history).

The Autonomic Nervous System controls our internal organs, our endocrine system, our digestion, breathing, heart rate and blood pressure without us having to think about it. There are two parts to the autonomic Nervous system, the Sympathetic Nervous System (what I call “the Warrior”) and the Parasympathetic Nervous System (what I call “the Guru”). The Warrior is our “fight, flight or freeze response”, and it controls how our body responds to threat, danger and stress.

It signals the release of adrenaline and cortisol into our bodies to make us faster and stronger. It also marshalls all of our energy to our muscles by shutting down non-survival functions like our frontal cortex and digestion. That is why fight or flight response interferes with our ability to think rationally and problem solve.

It is all about survival. The Guru, on the other hand, is our “feel safe response”. When we feel safe, the body produces “feel good hormones” melatonin, serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine and endorphins (the love hormone). When the Guru is engaged, we connect, communicate, reason, bond, embrace, fall in love, create and problem solve.

The brain has not evolved as fast as our society. There aren’t as many predators anymore but we perceive threat and danger in the forms of stress and anxiety. Financial problems, health problems, relationship problems, politics, foreign wars and trauma activate the Warrior just as if we were being chased by a velociraptor.

The conscious mind (frontal lobe) does not tell the Autonomic Nervous System what to do. We can’t think “calm down” and get much of a response from the Warrior. We have to convince the brain that we are safe to deactivate the Warrior and activate the Guru. This is what I mean by “hacking the brain”. There are several ways we can tell the brain to deactivate the Warrior so we can deal with our stress and anxiety with the Guru being activated.

One way is to activate our Vagus nerve. The Vagus nerve runs from the back of our brains to our internal organs and is how the Autonomic Nervous System communicates with the body. It is the longest nerve in our body. Research has shown that when we activate our Vagus nerve, the Warrior deactivates and the Guru activates.

There are several ways we can activate the Vagus nerve. Smiling, eye movement, deep breathing and singing/humming will help calm us down so we can think rationally and problem solve.

James Gray Robinson

How does the brain secretly sabotage our wellness goals?

James Gray Robinson: When the Warrior is activated, the body releases adrenaline and cortisol into our bodies.

These are highly toxic substances when present for long periods of time. When we are anxious or stressed, the adrenaline and cortisol depletes our immune system, traps fat in the body, raises blood pressure, raises cholesterol and cardiac distress. This creates even more stress and causes us to burn out. This is highly damaging to our health.

6. What strategies and habits for Wellness do you incorporate into your day-to-day to ensure you stay in peak condition, emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually? I do deep breathing exercises, cardio and strength training, eat a raw, plant based vegan diet, connect with friends and family, get adequate amounts of sleep and stay away from stressful activities.

What do you believe is the biggest misconception around wellness?

James Gray Robinson: We think that the mind, body and spirit are separate from each other. To the contrary, they are entwined and what we do in each will directly affect the others. We think that it doesn’t matter to our physical health if we think negative thoughts.

We think poor physical habits won’t affect our mindset. We think our emotional state has nothing to do with our thoughts or diet. All of these are directly connected and we have to pay attention to all of them.

If someone would like to work with you, how can they connect with you?

James Gray Robinson: Go to my website You can schedule a call, an appointment or a program with me at their convenience.

“Financial problems, health problems, relationship problems, politics, foreign wars and trauma activate the Warrior just as if we were being chased by a velociraptor.”

Jerome Knyszewski, VIP Contributor to WellnessVoice and the host of this interview would like to thank James Gray Robinson for taking the time to do this interview and share his knowledge and experience with our readers.

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