Workspace Wisdom: How Jillian Romero Chaves Cultivates Creativity and Focus

by Jed Morley

"Empathy drives open dialogue, creating an inclusive environment where every voice matters."

In the realm of modern dating and entrepreneurship, where vulnerability intersects with ambition, few individuals offer as illuminating a perspective as Jillian Romero Chaves. Through her experiences as a pioneering entrepreneur and a seeker of authentic connections, Jillian has carved out a unique path, marked by resilience, introspection, and a profound commitment to personal growth.

In this article, we delve into Jillian’s remarkable journey, from the highs of professional success to the depths of heartbreak, and the transformative lessons she gleaned along the way. As the founder and CEO of Clara for Daters, an innovative platform designed to empower individuals in their pursuit of healthy relationships, Jillian brings a wealth of insight into the complexities of modern romance and the challenges of leadership in the digital age.

Join us as we explore Jillian’s story, uncovering the intersection of entrepreneurship and intentional dating, and discovering the wisdom she has to share with those navigating similar paths in life and love.

Name: Jillian Romero Chaves
Company: Clara for Daters

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Thank you so much for joining us. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Jillian Romero Chaves: I’m Jillian Romero Chaves, and I’m honored to share a bit of my journey with you. At the end of 2020, life seemed to be unfolding beautifully. I was excelling in my automotive career, in the best physical shape of my life, and eagerly anticipating an engagement and to start a family.

However, everything changed when I discovered that my soon-to-be fiancé had been unfaithful throughout our relationship. This devastating experience shook my self-confidence and led me to question my ability to make healthy relationship choices.

But I refused to let this define me. Instead, I embarked on a profound journey of healing, self-discovery, and personal growth. I asked myself tough questions: How did I allow myself to be so deeply invested in a relationship built on deception? And more importantly, how could I prevent it from happening again?

From this place of introspection and resilience, Clara for Daters was born. Clara is not a dating app; it’s an intentional dating relationship tool designed to empower individuals to build healthy connections.

Drawing from my own experiences, I recognized the importance of addressing the often-overlooked early dating stages. My mission became clear: to empower people to make informed choices and foster meaningful connections before it’s too late.

As the Founder and CEO of Clara for Daters, I’m deeply committed to empowering others on their dating journeys. I strive to normalize early dating due diligence, encourage open conversations, and steer individuals away from the pitfalls of modern dating’s “situationship culture.”

Being a single woman in my 30s immersed in the dating scene, I understand the highs and lows firsthand. Through intentional efforts and reflection, I’ve strengthened my understanding of what healthy connections entail.

Clara for Daters launched in the app store in Feb 2023, and as a part of the first group of beta users, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of the platform. Through the Clara Vibe Check score, users gain valuable insights into their dating experiences, grounded in emotional, physical, and relational safety, chemistry, and values. It’s a tool designed to keep us grounded in reality and away from the delusions we sometimes create in our minds.

I’m passionate about collaborating with individuals and organizations who share a vision for healthier dating dynamics. Coaches specializing in personal relationships, matchmakers, event organizers, and even dating apps—all have the potential to work together to reshape the landscape of modern dating. If you’re interested in collaborating or learning more about Clara for Daters, please reach out. I’m excited about the possibilities of creating positive change together.

As an entrepreneur, how do you incorporate mindfulness or spiritual practices into your leadership style? Can you share an instance where this approach significantly impacted your business decisions or team dynamics?

Jillian Romero Chaves: As an entrepreneur navigating the realm of dating and relationships, incorporating mindfulness and spiritual practices into my leadership style is paramount, given the high emotional stakes and sensitive feelings involved.

Mindfulness, for me, isn’t just about being present in the moment; it’s about fostering empathy, understanding, and genuine connection, both with myself and with those I work with.

One instance where this approach significantly impacted my business decisions and team dynamics was during a critical phase of product development for Clara for Daters. As we were refining the platform’s features and user experience, tensions arose within the team regarding differing perspectives on certain design elements and functionalities.

Instead of rushing to resolve conflicts or impose my own vision, I chose to approach the situation with mindfulness and empathy. I encouraged open dialogue and active listening, creating a safe space for team members to express their concerns and share their insights without judgment.

Through this process, I gained a deeper understanding of the underlying motivations and values driving each team member’s perspective. By acknowledging and honoring the diversity of experiences and viewpoints within the team, we were able to find common ground and collaborate more effectively toward our shared goals.

Moreover, incorporating mindfulness practices into our team meetings and brainstorming sessions helped foster a culture of respect, compassion, and collective creativity. We embraced moments of reflection and gratitude, allowing us to connect on a deeper level and infuse our work with intention and purpose.

Ultimately, this mindful approach not only facilitated smoother decision-making processes but also strengthened our team dynamics and collective sense of purpose. By prioritizing empathy and understanding in our interactions, we created an environment where everyone felt valued, heard, and empowered to contribute their best.

In the world of dating and relationships, where emotions run high and vulnerability is often present, mindfulness and empathy are invaluable tools for fostering healthy connections and meaningful growth. As a leader in this space, I am committed to embodying these principles in my leadership style and guiding Clara for Daters toward its mission of empowering individuals to build authentic and fulfilling relationships.

Balancing a busy professional life with healthy eating can be challenging. What strategies or habits have you adopted to ensure your diet supports both your body and spirit, especially under the pressures of entrepreneurship?

Jillian Romero Chaves: Balancing a busy professional life with healthy eating habits is indeed a challenge, but I’ve found that navigating intentional dating can sometimes present even more complexities in maintaining a balanced diet.

As someone who has always prioritized health and wellness, especially through practices like Whole30 eating, adapting my dietary habits to accommodate the dynamics of dating has been an interesting journey.

In my professional life, meal prep and planning have been reliable strategies to ensure that my diet supports both my body and spirit amidst the pressures of entrepreneurship. However, when it comes to dating, I’ve discovered that being too strict with my eating habits can sometimes detract from the experience of connecting over good food and shared moments.

Recently, I’ve adopted a new habit that allows me to strike a balance between enjoying culinary experiences on dates while still prioritizing my health. I’ve started suggesting sharing meals during dates, which allows me to indulge in delicious food and even the occasional margarita while maintaining a sense of moderation.

Sharing food on dates has become more than just a dietary strategy for me; it’s become a way to gauge compatibility and chemistry with my potential partner. Observing how someone interacts with food, their generosity in sharing, and their attentiveness to my needs during a meal can offer valuable insights into their character and values.

For instance, I’ve noticed that I tend to eat slower on dates, savoring each bite and staying present in the moment. Meanwhile, my date may be more eager to dive into the meal, but it warms my heart when they pause to offer me the last bite or express consideration for my preferences.

In these small gestures, I find glimpses of generosity, thoughtfulness, and a shared appreciation for enjoying life’s pleasures in moderation. It’s moments like these that not only nourish my body but also feed my spirit and deepen the connections I forge through intentional dating.

So while balancing a busy professional life with healthy eating habits is essential, navigating the nuances of intentional dating adds an extra layer of complexity to the equation. Through practices like sharing meals and staying true to my values, I’m learning to cultivate a harmonious relationship with food that supports both my physical and emotional well-being on this journey of love and self-discovery.

How have you transformed your workspace to enhance focus, creativity, and inner peace? Do you have any specific routines or environmental changes that have made a significant difference in your workday wellness?

Jillian Romero Chaves: I’ve been fortunate to have a dedicated office space at home where I conduct the majority of my work. However, the transition from my previous role as an automotive leader to founding a tech startup has brought about a shift in how I approach my workspace and environment.

In the realm of tech entrepreneurship, creativity is not just a luxury but a necessity. I’ve found that sometimes, shifting my environment can help unlock new levels of creativity and focus. As a result, I’ve adopted a flexible approach to my workspace based on the nature of the tasks at hand.

When I’m engrossed in administrative, financial, or technical work, you’ll often find me stationed at my desk in my home office. The familiar surroundings and organized setup support my focus and productivity during these tasks.

However, when it comes to tasks that require creativity, storytelling, or brand development, I prefer to change up my environment. I’ll often migrate to the kitchen, where I can work on my laptop near a large window, allowing natural light to inspire and energize my creative process. Sometimes, I even take my work outside, surrounded by nature’s beauty, which has a rejuvenating effect on my mind and spirit.

Additionally, when meeting potential partners or collaborators, I find that a change of scenery can enhance the dynamics of the interaction. I prefer to schedule these meetings over lunch or tea, allowing for a more relaxed and informal atmosphere that fosters open communication and collaboration.

By adapting my workspace and environment to suit the demands of each task, I’ve found that I can enhance my focus, creativity, and inner peace throughout the workday. It’s a mindful approach that allows me to optimize my work environment for maximum productivity and well-being, while also embracing the fluidity and creativity inherent in the entrepreneurial journey.

Quality rest is crucial for peak performance. What sleep hygiene rituals do you follow to maintain high energy and clear thinking? How have these practices contributed to your success and well-being as a business owner?

Jillian Romero Chaves: The quality of my rest has always been intricately tied to my activities during the day. As a business owner navigating the demands of entrepreneurship, maintaining high energy and clear thinking is essential for peak performance. To support my well-being and success, I’ve adopted sleep hygiene rituals that help me prioritize rest and rejuvenation.

One of my cherished rituals involves my beloved companion, Mr. Darcy (yes, I’m a hopeless romantic at heart). Mr. Darcy and I, both appreciators of life’s simple pleasures, embark on daily walks in the late afternoon to catch the stunning sunset. These moments of connection with nature not only provide physical activity but also serve as a grounding and calming experience, setting the tone for a restful evening ahead.

In addition to our sunset strolls, I prioritize regular HIIT workouts, engaging in intense physical activity 3-5 days a week. Exercise not only boosts my physical health but also helps alleviate stress and tension, paving the way for a more restorative sleep.

To maintain consistency in my sleep patterns, I’ve established a nightly routine guided by gentle reminders. At 9 p.m., an alarm on my phone serves as a gentle nudge to start winding down and prepare for bed. My goal is to be asleep by 10 p.m., allowing for a solid eight hours of rest before rising at 6 a.m. the next day.

Admittedly, there are evenings when I may not fully adhere to my sleep schedule, and that’s where self-compassion comes into play. I’ve learned to give myself grace on those occasions, recognizing that balance is a journey rather than a destination. By approaching my sleep hygiene with flexibility and kindness, I cultivate a positive relationship with rest and honor the ebb and flow of life’s demands.

These sleep hygiene rituals have been instrumental in supporting my overall well-being and success as a business owner. By prioritizing rest and rejuvenation, I ensure that I show up as my best self each day, equipped with the energy, clarity, and resilience needed to navigate the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship. In essence, quality rest isn’t just a luxury—it’s a non-negotiable foundation for sustainable growth and fulfillment in both business and life.

Jed Morley, VIP Contributor to WellnessVoice and the host of this interview would like to thank Jillian Romero Chaves for taking the time to do this interview and share her knowledge and experience with our readers.

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