Kosas Revealer Concealer Review, From A Beauty Editor

by Jerald Dyson
career coach certification

The brand dubs Revealer a “concealer meets eye cream,” and that’s no exaggeration. It features a bouquet of brightening actives you might easily find in your favorite eye balm, like caffeine to constrict blood vessels (thereby reducing discoloration), arnica and panthenol to soothe inflammation, hyaluronic acid and pink algae to deliver hydration, and peptides for a plumping effect. My under-eyes eagerly drink up the skin-loving formula, which helps the pigment instantly fuse to my skin. It’s oh-so-easy for concealers to sink into fine lines, especially if you frequently deal with bone-dry under-eyes, but I can confidently say that this number stays dewy all day long, thanks to those aforementioned hydrators. 

And because of the concealer’s unparalleled brightening abilities, it also makes a fabulous highlighter. Snag a shade one to two shades lighter than your skin tone and swipe the doe foot across areas that naturally catch the light—your forehead, cheekbones, and center of your chin, for example—and it will provide a subtle, shimmer-free glow. Like you’re radiating from within. 

Despite its lightweight, bouncy consistency, the Kosas concealer provides enough coverage to mask any blemishes. (And because of soothing, anti-inflammatory arnica and panthenol, the formula can help spot treat those pesky breakouts, too!) Some people even use the concealer in place of foundation in order to nail that buildable, never cakey coverage. In fact, the brand received so many standout reviews regarding coverage that they went ahead and created a proper Revealer Foundation. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of Revealer Foundation, but I’m a firm believer that concealer is one of the most versatile makeup products out there. It’s a desert-island grab for many a beauty fan (although, this beauty editor still loves her cream blush), and the Revealer Concealer truly goes the distance. 


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