Life Coach Career Outlook: A Coaching Job Description

by Jerald Dyson
life coach career

Life coach career: Life coaches act as a guide for those who are stuck on what to do in their lives. These professionals support behavior modification, personal growth, and goal-setting of individuals. In addition, they help their clients to achieve some specific goals by targeting their unique skills and improving their actions, essential to take control of their future plans.

A Life Coach Performs Several Tasks, Including:

  • Making clients aware of their progress
  • Planning future tasks
  • Providing structured questions
  • Settings objectives
  • Evaluating the outcomes of a certain task

What Is A Life Coach Career?

life coach career

Life coaching is a fantastic, life-giving job. A life coach is a professional who helps individuals fulfill their cherished dreams, discover their core purpose, move through life challenges and release limiting beliefs that they might believe are impossible to kill.

Life Coach Career

Because life coaches can make incredible changes in their clients’ lives, it is pretty standard for coaches to make a 6-figure income in the process. According to many reports, life coaching is the 2nd fastest-growing industry with total revenue of more than 2 billion dollars per year.

Several life coach career options are available; you can either select a single niche or choose a more general approach. Following are some of the most popular life coach niches available out there:

  • Spiritual Coach
  • Business Coach
  • Personal Coach
  • Health Coach
  • Diet Coach
  • Career Coach

Essentials Of A Life Coach Career

Due to their popularity, many people want to start a life coach business. However, to start a life coach career, you must do your research. You must know everything about the life coach career before investing your money and time into it. Here are some of the most important essentials to know about before starting a life coach career

Traits Of A Life Coach

As a life coach, you will interact with other people and help them improve their lifestyles. To do that, there are several personal and professional qualities you must possess. Following are some of the most significant traits of a successful life 


They Are Always Learning

A good life coach never stops the learning process. On the contrary, they keep learning more about their fields. You can attend coaching communities, conferences, webinars, seminars, and more to learn about a life coaching career. Other than that, many experienced coaches suggest reading studies, books and challenging yourself by providing your services in a different format.

They Are Several Tasks

Even if you have mastered the techniques and tools of life coaching, it’s crucial you educate yourself about the life coaching business. To grow as a life coach, you must have the mindset of a businessman. A life coach career is rewarding if you know how to target your ideal clients to grow your business.

life coach career

They Are Client Focused

The client-coach relationship is the base of a life coach career. As a life coach, you will learn about your client’s most intractable obstacles, most significant traumas, and deepest vulnerabilities. You have to treat them as a coach and provide unbiased advice and opinions, no matter how vulnerable they are.

They Are Excellent Listener

Life coaches don’t just hear the words; they listen to the deeper meaning beyond those words. If a client finds you a great listener, they will trust you and open up with you because you are genuinely there for their higher good. During your sessions, we recommend maintaining eye contact, reading your client’s body language, and asking good questions.

Duties And Responsibilities Of A Life Coach

If you are starting a career as a life coach, you must know, what does a life coach do? And what are the duties and responsibilities of a life coach? 

Coaches often help their clients create goals and interpret desires. If your goals are impossible to attain, these professionals help you to refine those goals into actionable ones. Following are some of the most critical responsibilities and duties of a life coach:


As a life coach, you have to help your client realize and create attainable goals. Once a person identified those goals, your job is to hold them accountable for reaching those specific goals. In a life coach career, it’s your duty to keep track of your client’s goals to avoid any issues such as obstacles, lack of motivation, and more.

Strategy Building

With the help of effective strategy-building techniques, a life coach can help their clients in an efficient and more focused manner. You can accomplish this by asking your clients several questions about their dream goals. Once you know the goals, it’s your duty to create a strategy that will be the most effective to attain those goals.


This one is probably the most important duty of a life coach. People seek life coaches when they are about to give up. If you are looking for a career as a life coach, it’s essential you know you’ll serve as a source of inspiration and motivation that helps clients to achieve their full potential. It’s your moral duty to motivate your clients through a stubborn obstacle.

Approval And Validation

Unlike friends and family members, a life coach serves as an objective voice in the sea of opinions. As a life coach, you cannot tell your clients what to do; you have to show them that only they can change their life. All you have to do is examine their goals and ideas in an unbiased way and approve them.  

How To Start A Life Coach Career?

To start a life coach career, there are no legal restrictions. You don’t need an advanced degree or a certification. However, according to the International Coaching Federation, more than 90% of coaches out there are certified by a well-reputed organization. In addition, there are several benefits of starting a career as a certified life coach. 

The most significant benefit of becoming a certified life coach is that people start trusting you. If you have a life coach certification, they know you can coach them using several coaching techniques and tools. Following is a step-by-step-guide for you to start a career as a certified life coach:

Select A Niche

life coach career

As discussed earlier, there are several life coach niches available out there. To start a certified life coach career, the first step is to select a niche. This step is crucial because it will determine what kind of services you want to offer and what type of clients you want to target.

Become A Certified Life Coach

Once you select a niche, it’s time to enroll in a life coach certification program. There are two types of certification programs available: accredited and non-accredited. We recommend taking an accredited life coach certification because they set a standard for coaching. Following are the three organizations that provide accreditation to your life coach certification:

  • The International Coaching Federation
  • The European Mentoring and Coaching Center
  • The Association of Coaching

Several organizations offer life coach certifications with different specifications and features. Some courses are just about coaching, while others are a little comprehensive and teach about business and marketing as well. 

Cost Of Life Coach Certifications

It is nearly impossible to find a life coach certification for free. Different life coach certifications have different costs. On average, an accredited life coach certification can cost anywhere between $800 to $15,000.

Start A Life Coach Career

Once you become a certified life coach, it’s time to target your ideal clients and start your business. You can join a coach matching service to target more clients. If you prefer in-person coaching sessions, you can target your ideal clients by advertising in your area. Try to get testimonials and positive feedback from your clients to grow your life coaching business.

In a life coaching career, it’s important you know about business and marketing. You can take some courses or follow some experienced life coaches online. Nowadays, the best way to grow your business is through digital marketing. You can use Facebook, Google, and other online marketplaces to target more clients.

Grow As A Life Coach

Once you become an experienced life coach, it’s time to grow your life coaching business to earn some extra bucks. To do that, you can:

  • Provide VIP sessions
  • Start your website
  • Write a life coaching book
  • Provide life coaching podcasts
  • Create a coaching app
  • Offer webinars and seminar
  • Start a newsletter

Life Coach Salary

life coach career

How much does a life coach make? Well, different life coaches earn differently. The salary of a life coach depends upon several factors, including location, niche, experience, and more. However, on average, a life coach can charge anywhere between $80 to $1000 per session. According to a report, the average salary of a life coach in North America is up to $62000 per year.


A life coach career is quite rewarding if you have a business mindset. However, you have to remember that coaching career is about changing other people’s lives, that’s a big responsibility. There are several skills and qualities you must possess to grow as a life coach.

The best step to a career in life coaching is by attending a life coach certification program. Several institutes offer these programs, such as iPEC, iNLP, CTA, and more. Therefore, to find a good coaching institute, you must do your homework and invest your time before your money.

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