Life Coach Near Me: The Art Of Finding A Life Coach

by Jerald Dyson
life coach near me

Anyone can find a life coach; however, finding an experienced and highly-qualified life coach is a challenge. In addition, no two life coaches are the same. So, if you want to achieve your desired goals, you must invest your time to find a coach that will suit you best. 

Millions of life coaches are available out there. According to an estimate, there are more than 16,000 life coaches available only in North America. Due to the popularity of the coaching industry, finding a coach that will suit your personality has become quite a challenge. 

In this article, we have mentioned some of the most useful methods that you can use to find a life coach near you.

What Is A Life Coach?

An accredited professional life coach works with individuals to help them make significant changes in their personal and professional lives. These professionals help their ideal clients turn their wishes and dreams into attainable, realistic goals.

A life coach guides individuals through the process of changing lives by providing a clear image of the future. In addition, these professionals act as strategists, motivators, and accountability partners.

life coach near me

What Does A Life Coach Do?

The main purpose of hiring a life coach is to achieve some specific goals. These professionals create a coaching plan and help you achieve certain goals. They help you decide how to follow your dreams in the most rewarding, effective, and efficient way possible.

Life coaching is a vast field. Different coaches have different niches and perform different functions. For instance, a health and fitness coach can help you follow a certain diet to live a better, healthier life. Other than health and fitness life coaches, the following are some of the most popular life coaches available out there:

  • Personal Coach
  • Spiritual Coach
  • Business Coach
  • Teen Coach 
  • Life Balancing Coach

Who Needs A Life Coach?

Before hiring a life coach, it’s important to know who needs a life coach? several people confuse a life coach with a therapist. Therefore, you must know the difference between a life coach and a therapist. 

Unlike life coaches, therapists are health professionals. These professionals deal with the past and try to improve your present. The main focus of therapy is to deal with an individual’s past traumas, mental disorders, and more.

On the other hand, life coaches are not health professionals. Instead of healing you, coaches provide an unbiased opinion and a plan to achieve a better future. So in simplest words, coaching is about your present and future rather than your past.

Unlike a therapist, anyone can hire a life coach. a life coach helps you:

  • Gain financial stability
  • Improve life-work balance
  • Identify your passion
  • Improve creativity
  • Build Better and Stronger Relationships
  • Achieve work satisfaction
  • Types Of Life Coaches

Some coaches choose a more general approach, while others specialize in a single niche. Besides the coaching niche, there are following two types of life coaches available out there:

Online Life Coach

Before making a decision, it’s important you do your research and know the difference between an online life coach and a local one. Well, an online life coach is a professional who coaches you on the internet. There are several benefits of finding an online life coach, such as:

  • These coaches are inexpensive
  • You might feel more confident with a person on the phone
  • There are millions of online life coaches available with better qualifications and skills
  • You can hire a life coach from the comfort of your bed
  • Online life coaches can save your precious time

Local Life Coach

If you are searching for, “life coach near me,” you probably need a local life coach. These types of coaches are more expensive than online ones. In addition, it’s a possibility that a life coach near you won’t be as effective as an online one.

A local life coach connects with their clients face to face. These coaches are a perfect choice for you if you are confident and can open up in the presence of others. To find a local life coach, you can search “life coach near me” on Google, Yelp, or other search engines.

life coach near me

Things To Consider Before Hiring A Life Coach

Life coaches are not that affordable. Therefore, it’s important you consider some things before you hire a life coach, such as:

Certified Life Coach

Life coaching is an unregulated business, meaning people don’t need a certification or advanced degree to start a coaching career. However, we prefer hiring a certified life coach. There are several benefits of finding a certified life coach. For instance, these professionals follow a code of ethics and respect your privacy.

In addition, a certified life coach knows how to use different coaching tools and techniques. These coaches use several effective tools to help you achieve certain goals. Some coaches even know hypnosis and other coaching tools.

Free Consultation

Most local coaches offer a free consultation. Try to find a local coach that offers free coaching sessions. Through these free sessions, you’ll be able to know your coach. Ask your coach some important questions and tell him about your goals and dreams. Try to find a life coach that won’t intercept you a lot and have excellent communication as well as listening skills.

Qualities Of A Life Coach

To achieve your goals, there are some qualities that your coach must possess. In your free consultation session, you can look out for these qualities. Try to find a life coach that has enough experience and knowledge to help you out. Besides communication and listening skills, your selected life coach must be:

  • Observant
  • Challenging
  • Curious
  • Non-Judgmental
  • Non-Opinionated
  • Passionate

How To Find A Life Coach Near Me?

Now that you know the difference between a therapist and life coach and the qualities of a good life coach, it’s time to find one. To help you out, below, we have compiled a list of some of the most effective ways to find a life coach near you:

life coach near me

Life Coach Matching Service

Using a life coach matching service is one of the best ways to find a life coach. Compared to other methods on our list, this one is the fastest and most effective. With a coaching service, that is a 98% chance that you will get the best coach that lines up with your needs and personality.

We love life coach matching services because they focus on clients instead of life coaches. These services have access to thousands of coaching databases and use different criteria. Some services even provide a “life coach near me” option that you can use to find local coaches in your area.

“Life Coach Near Me”

From locating a restaurant to finding a doctor, Google has made our life easier. The same goes for the life coaching industry. To find a life coach near you, all you have to do is search “life coach near me” on Google, Yelp, or other search engines. This approach has some cons, such as:

  • It’s a chance that you won’t be able to find a certified life coach
  • You might not have a life coach near you
  • You might have limited results for “life coach near me.”
  • This is a time-consuming approach

Life Coach Directory

Another way to find a life coach is through life coaching directories. This one is the most time-consuming approach. As there are millions of life coaches available in coaching directories, it might take you a week to find a life coach near you. 

How Much Does A Life Coach Costs?

If you have selected a life coach that suits your personality, it’s time to decide their charges. Overall, life coaching is the 2nd fastest growing industry with more than $2 billion in revenue. However, the cost of your selected life coach will depend upon whether he/she is an online life coach or a local one.

life coach near me

A local life coach usually charges more than an online one. Because, unlike online life coaches, local coaches have a limited number of clients, they charge some extra bucks to cover their expenses. On average, a life coach can charge about $250 per session.

Other than medium, the cost of a life coach depends upon the geographical location, experience, and specialties of a life coach. If your selected life coach is certified and has ICF accreditation, they will surely charge you more than a local one.


Life coach near me – finding a life coach near you is not an easy task. You cannot just wake up and select your neighbor as a life coach. To achieve your desired goals, it’s crucial you invest your precious time to find a coach that will suit your personality and don’t clash with you.

If you are searching “life coach near me,” you probably need a local life coach. The best way to find a local life coach is through referral. However, you can also use life coach matching services and Google, Yelp, or other search engines to find a local life coach. If you use a search engine, all you have to do is search “life coach near me” and pick a life coach.

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