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by Jerald Dyson

Life coach nyc: To achieve your goals in life, identifying them is probably the first step. However, not everyone can find and attain their goal on their own. Some of us need a little support to achieve our full potential and a better future. 

A life coach is a professional who helps you identify and accomplish your dreams and goals. This professional targets your unique skills and gifts and allows you to get a hold of your life. However, finding a high-quality life coach is not an easy task.

Life coaching is the 2nd fastest growing industry available in the world. According to a report, there are more than 16,000 life coaches available only in North America. Due to the popularity of this field, it’s important you invest your time and hire a life coach that won’t clash with your personality.

In this article, we have reviewed some of the most popular and experienced life coaches in New York City and how to find them:

life coach nyc

Life Coach Nyc: How To Find A Life Coach In New York

Before attaining your dreams, the first step is to find a life coach. As mentioned earlier, there are thousands of life coaches available, making it quite a challenge to select a single one. But you don’t have to worry; here are some of the most effective ways to find a life coach in New York City:

Life Coach Matching Services

Getting help from a life coach matching service is one of the best ways to find a life coach in NYC. The most significant benefit of these services is that they are fast and effective. All you have to do is add your requirements, and a life coach matching service will find the best coach for you in no time. 

Unlike other methods on our list, a life coach matching service values YOU instead of life coaches. For instance, they focus on what you want? What is your budget? What life coach niche do you need? And what kind of life coach do you prefer?

Here Are Some Of The Best Life Coaches Matching Services Available Out There:

Life Coach Directories

Life coach nyc: Next method that is quite effective to find a life coach in New York is going through life coach directories. As there are millions of life coaches available out there, this approach is pretty time-consuming. You’ll need to go through thousands of life coaches in order to hire a coach that will suit your personality.


life coach nyc

Another way to find a life coach is through referrals. You can ask your friends, family members, or colleagues for a recommendation. However, hiring a life coach is quite personal, so you might not feel comfortable telling your loved ones that you need a life coach. 

Search Engines

Last but not least, to find a life coach, you can get help from different search engines. For instance, if you need a life coach in New York, all you have to do is search “life coach near me” or “life coach in NYC” or “life coach in New York” on Google, Yelp, or other search engines.

Best Life Coaches In Nyc

Life coach nyc: As you can see, finding a life coach in New York is quite time-consuming. However, you don’t have to worry; to save your precious time, below we have compiled a list of some of the best life coaches that are available in New York City:

Nico Dimattina

Nico Dimattina is an inspirational speaker and the founder of the Vibes Cartel. The main focus of Nico is to maximize his clients’ potential through useful, mindful practices. From his own corporate experiences and personal spiritual journey, Nico spots and develops the things that can make successful teams and careers.

Mark Strong Coaching And Training

Life coach nyc: This firm is located in New York and focuses on team effectiveness and professional success. Mark Strong Coaching and Training firm have several credential coaches, trainers, and facilitators. In addition, this firm offers several services, such as employee training, strategic facilitation, and life and executive coaching.

Liz Morrison

Liz Morrison is both a life coach and a clinical social worker who caters to fathers, mothers, teenagers, children, and entire families. Liz Morrison helps people overcome different obstacles in life. She covers different areas of life, including parenting challenges, troubled friendships, behavioral concerns, and stress.

Lily Sanders

Lily Sanders is a certified life coach and an author of “Truth to Triumph.” Lily is quite famous as the “Locksmith of the Hearts.” She is qualified to help her ideal clients unplug from old programming and habits, go beyond default potentials, and ignite their innate selves. Lily Sander is an online life coach in NYC; she works with individuals and groups all around the world and has numerous celebrity clients.

Julie Melillo 

Julie Melillo is an artist, writer, speaker, and certified life coach in New York. She is a local life coach who caters to needy and stressed-out individuals from Manhattan and the nearby areas. Julie helps her clients deal with dating, relationships, business, career, and similar issues. Her main focus is to guide her ideal clients through the dark to self-discovery.

Eva Centeno

life coach nyc

Life coach nyc: Eva Centeno is both a life coach and certified psychology practitioner in New York who helps individuals welcome some positive changes in life. Suppose you are stuck in life and don’t know what to do next. In that case, Eva Centeno is a perfect life coach for you. She is the creator of Flourishing Life in Positive Psychology and a member of the International Positive Psychology.

Dr. Gigi Arnaud

Dr. Gigi Arnaud is a Trauma-Informed/Mindset coach and hypnotherapist based in New York City. Her main purpose is actually YOUR purpose. She helps you become the authentic, real YOU and do what you were born to do personally and professionally.

No matter how old you are or what you have done in your life, Dr. Gigi Arnaud will help you learn the basics and change them for good. First, she allows you to break down limiting beliefs and personal barriers and blocks. Then, she helps you identify and attain your own dreams and goals.

Anna Goldstein

Anna Goldstein started her business in 2007 and is an NYU-certified life coach who helps professionals and individuals make positive changes in life. She offers people different coaching sessions which focus on communication, relationships, body image, finances, career, and balance. She is a popular life coach in New York and has been in Marie Claire, SHAPE Magazine, Time Out New York, and

Pro Coach Partner Inc.

Pro Coach Partner Inc. has been in business for more than 20 years. This company offers leadership coaching and development services to entrepreneurs, CEOs, managers, high-level professionals, and executives. Mahir Nisar, the founder of Pro Coach Partner Inc., has more than 20 years of experience in areas of leadership development.

The best thing about this firm is that it offers a free consultation. So, if you are not sure, you can get a free consultation to know more about your life coach. In this consultation, you can learn about your coach and tell him about goals and dreams. Then, if you are confident in your coach, you can invest your money.

How Much A Life Coach In Nyc Costs?

Life coach nyc: Well, before investing your time and energy in a life coach, it’s crucial you know how much a life coach can cost in New York City?

life coach nyc

Well, the cost of a life coach depends upon different factors, such as experience location, coaching techniques, and more. In addition, a life coach, which enrolls into a life coach certification program, will surely charge more than a coach that doesn’t have a degree or a life coach certification.

Life coaching is a $2.8 billion industry. On average, a life coach in New York can cost up to $274 per session. However, several life coaches also offer different coaching packages that are affordable and inexpensive. 

Remember that life coaching is not like therapy. So, it is a possibility your health insurance won’t cover these expenses. Therefore, if you have a limited budget, make sure your insurance will cover these expenses or hire a life coach through your employer.

In A Nutshell

Life coach nyc: Thousands of life coaches are available in New York City. Some are local coaches, while others offer their services on the internet. There are several ways to find a life coach in NYC. However, our best pick is a life coach matching service. These services are fast, effective, and inexpensive; some are even free!

Other than life coach matching services, you can go through coaching directories or get referrals to find a life coach in New York. In addition, you can also search “Life Coach NYC” or “Life Coach Near Me” on Google, Yelp, or other search engines to find a life coach in NY.

Life coaches are not that inexpensive. On average, a life coach in New York City can cost up to $274 per session. Therefore, it’s important you invest your time and do your homework. Try to hire a life coach that has some experience or a life coach certification.

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