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by Jerald Dyson

Life coach portland: Some life coaches can easily become your strongest pillar in life. These professionals can help you find light in the darkest hours of your life. If you are stuck in a place, a life coach can act as a guide and help you find your destination without wasting your precious time.

However, the real question is, how can you find the best life coach? Well, finding an inexperienced life coach is no problem. As this field is an unregulated one, every second person is a life coach. In fact, according to a report, there are more than 16,000 life coaches only in North America.

Due to this wide range, finding the best life coach in Portland or other states is quite a pickle. To help you out in this regard, below, we have mentioned some of the best life coaches in Portland:

life coach portland

What Is A Life Coach?

Life coach portland: In simplest words, a life coach is a professional who offers his/her services and unbiased opinions to help you achieve certain goals. This goal could be anything: from professional achievement to personal growth.

Most people confuse life coaches with therapists. However, both of these fields are quite distinctive. While therapy focuses on your mental health and past traumas, life coaching is all about the present and future. Unlike therapy, life coaches are not health professionals. Instead, these professionals just offer their unbiased opinion to help you out. 

10 Best Life Coaches In Portland

As mentioned earlier, finding a life coach is not an easy task. Furthermore, life coaches are not that budget-friendly. According to a report, a life coach can charge anywhere between $80 to $1000 per session.

Therefore, before investing that kind of money, you must do your research. In this part of the article, we have compiled a list of 10 best life coaches in Portland:

Randy Spelling

Life coach portland: Let’s start with Randy Spelling. Randy Spelling is a motivational speaker and intuitive life coach in Portland. He is certified by the International Coaching Federation and is well-known for his life coaching methods. Mr. spelling helps individuals find happiness, discover their purpose and move beyond their limitations. 

Randy Spelling is also a well-read author. His most famous book is “Unlimited You” which allows you to achieve your full potential and both professional and personal life changes. He also offers numerous personal growth tools that can aid you in changing your life.

Pink Cloud Coaching

life coach portland

Life coach portland: If you are looking for a life coach for women, Pink Cloud Coaching is perfect for you. This practice is located in Portland and empowers women to transform into fulfilled and sober people. This institute offers several programs that allow you to understand your relationship with alcohol. 

She is also an author of “Wholly Sober” which is available on Amazon. The best thing about Pink Cloud Coaching is that it doesn’t manipulate clients’ thoughts or pass judgments. This organization also follows some stick ethical codes, including confidentiality.

My PDX Life Coach

Life coach portland: Gary Fink is the founder of “My PDX Life Coach.” Mr. Fink is an executive coach and life coach in Portland. He is known for his general approach for both organizations and individuals. Mr. Fink allows people attain their life-work balance, productivity, health & fitness, enhancement and spirituality.

My PDX Life Coach delivers the crucial amount of demonstrating accountability and motivation. His website offers priceless documents, such as mood charts, intake forms and other resources.

Michelle Emery

Michelle Emery is both a certified life coach and counseling provider in Portland. She holds a master’s in counseling psychology, a minor in conflict resolution, and a bachelor’s in psychology. 

Ms. Emery offers both online and local life coaching services in Portland. According to their schedule and preferences, she helps her clients over the phone or in person.

Imagine Changes

Imagine Changes is a neuro-linguistic programming, hypnotherapy and life coaching practice in Portland. This organization uses multiple coaching techniques and tools that allow you to achieve your full potential in no time. 

The founder of Imagine Changes is a realtor and former musician. She has embraced herself in both professional and personal lives, and now helps individuals in different areas, including depression, phobias, panic and anxiety.

Carole Resari

life coach portland

Carole Resari is both a certified Hendricks coach in Portland and a licensed clinical social worker. She calls her practice “Awakening Your Spirit” and “Awakening Your Spark.” If you are lost in your life and don’t know what to do, Carole Resari is the life coach for you.

The main focus of her practice is helping you through your journey of self-discovery. She allows you to see yourself in a better future. Carole Resari offers a nurturing, compassionate and non-judgmental environment for both individuals and couples.

Bruce Terrill

Life coach portland; Bruce Terrill is a hypnosis instructor and certified hypnotherapist in Portland who follows a strict standard of professional ethics and client confidentiality. Unlike other life coaches out there, Bruce cannot reveal your private information and story without your consent. 

Other than hypnosis, Mr. Terrill uses an intuitive and holistic approach to help his clients. His main focus is to help individuals with common problems like smoking addiction and being overweight. To accomplish this goal, Bruce Terrill uses proven processes and coaching tools.


Benaz is a mindful living mentor and life coaching provider in Portland. Benaz shares her personal insight and professional know-how, particularly as a single mother-turned-motivator and a struggling immigrant-turned-entrepreneur, to help individuals live their best life.

Benaz is on our list because of her impressive experience. She has been in the life coaching industry for more than 20 years, making her both professional and insightful.

Alexis Meads

life coach portland

Alexis Meads is another life coach for women in Portland. She helps women in all aspects of life: from a relationship to a happy life. Ms. Meads is quite popular among women because of her “Five-Step” Plan.

With her free five-step plan Alexis Meads helps women regain balance, confidence and clarity. Plus, to help more individuals, Ms. Meads offers a free consultation. In this consultation, you can talk about your goals in life, and she will offer her unbiased opinion.

A Woman’s Time

A Woman’s Time is a popular medicine clinic in Portland that also offers life coaching services and alternative therapy. Besides women, this facility also offers coaching services to couples as well as males. However, the main focus of this organization is on women and their well-being.

A Woman’s Time also runs an apothecary and offers massage and acupuncture services. On their official website, you can get important documents, such as medical records release, fertility-preconception addendum, and the new-patient packet.

Life Coach Portland: How To Find The Best Life Coach In Portland?

Life coaches mentioned above are both certified and experienced. They understand this industry and help their clients identify and attain achievable goals. However, for some reason, if you cannot find a life coach from above, you can do your own research to get a life coach in Portland. 

Here Are Some Methods To Find A Life Coach In Portland:

Life Coach Matching Services

life coach portland

Life coach matching services are the best ways to find a life coach in Portland. The best thing about these services is that their main focus is on you instead of a life coach. They allow you to find a life coach in Portland that will suit your personality best and won’t clash with you.

Another benefit of using a life coach matching service is that this approach allows you to get life coaches from all around the world. For instance, if you are not from Portland, you can still use these services to hire a life coach in Portland. 

Following are some of the best life coaches matching services available out there:


Life coach portland: Next, you can also get referrals from your loved ones, including friends, colleagues, and family members. However, as hiring a life coach is quite personal, you might not feel comfortable telling others about it. In that case, use a life coach matching service instead.

Coaching Directories

There are thousands of coaching directories available on the internet. These directories give you access to all the life coaches in your state. However, this approach is quite time-consuming. With this method, it might take you more than one month to find the best life coach in Portland.

As mentioned earlier, there are so many life coaches available there. For instance, only in North America, you can get up to 16,000 professional life coaches. So, if you search through a coaching directory, you might not be able to find the best life coach in Portland in time.

Wrapping Up

life coach portland

Life coach portland: If you want to hire a life coach in Portland, you must do your homework. This is because if you hire an inexperienced life coach, instead of achieving your goals, you might lose your money as well as energy.

To help you out, above, we have mentioned the top 10 life coaches in Portland. You can visit their website or contact them according to your needs. You can also follow the above-mentioned methods to find a life coach in Portland on your own!

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