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by Jerald Dyson

Life coach websites: Most life coaches out there select coaching as a career because they want to help other people. They want to help those who are stuck in their meaningless life cycle. But, unfortunately, there are millions of people out there who require the help of a good life coach, but you cannot connect with all those people, or can you?

Well, to make the most out of your life coaching career, you must grow your life coach business. there are several ways to grow as a life coach, such as:

  • Offer seminars and webinars
  • Write a life coaching book
  • Create a coaching app
  • Start newsletter
  • Start your life coach website

Life Coach Website

Life coach websites: The best way to target more clients and help them achieve their goals is by starting your life coaching website. If your long-term goal is to thrive as an online life coach, a coaching website is a must-have platform for you. Through a good website, you can connect with thousands of people all around the globe.

life coach websites

Why Do You Need A Life Coach Website?

Starting your own life coach website looks like an additional step. So, it’s rational to ask, why do you need a life coach website? What are the benefits of a life coach website? Here are some of the most significant benefits of having a life coach website:

Cheapest Way Of Marketing Yourself

Life coach websites: Traditional advertisement and marketing methods are costly, and as a beginner, it’s essential to do marketing to target your ideal clients. Therefore, the biggest benefit of a coaching website is that it is one of the most budget-friendly ways to market yourself.

No more spending thousands of dollars for advertising in newspapers, radio, or television; create your own website because it is inexpensive to run and will advertise your life coaching business all around the globe. 

Gain Competitive Edge

Life coaching is 2nd fastest-growing industry. According to International Coaching Federation, there are more than 17,000 life coaches available only in the United States of America. Now that’s some serious competition. 

With a website, you can attain a competitive edge that will allow you to stay ahead of your competition and put your life coach business in the lead.

Build Customer Leads And Database

Life coach websites: Keeping a track of your customers is an efficient, laborious, and time-consuming task. However, if you have a website, this will be taken care of through mailing lists. These lists are easy to control and promote your life coaching business to individuals who are interesting in your services.

Unlimited Number Of Clients

One of the most significant benefits of a life coach business is that you get a chance to work with an unlimited number of clients. If you create your coaching website, Google will be your best buddy and broker. Google will start sending you clients. According to a report, more than 97% of people use search engines to find local businesses.

So, if a person searches “life coach near me” or “life coach with the certain niche,” Google will represent YOU. 

10 Best Life Coach Websites 

Life coach websites: Now that you know how important a life coach website actually is. It’s time to create your own website. To create your own life coach website, it’s important to know how a legit and professional life coach website looks like. 

To help you out below, we have compiled a life of 10 best life coach websites that represent consistent branding, great photography, and thoughtful content: 

Andrea Giles

life coach websites

Andrea Giles is a life coach for women who are facing betrayal in their marriage life and are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ. She helps these women find a better life after infidelity. 

As you can see, this niche is quite strong, and it’s essential that Andrea’s website is so comforting and warm. Once you see her smile and read her story, you start to believe that there is a life after betrayal. Her story is moving, and her tope is sincere.

Mel Noakes

Life coach websites: Mel Noakes is a self-care coach. Her goal is to help women live a better life through self-care. Mel allows women to adopt three simple habits to positively impact their life, mind, and body. Her homepage immediately tells you about her and three w’s: who she actually is, what she does in life, and how she does it.

Catie Borland

As a mother herself, Catie Borland is a coach for business moms who think they cannot have it all – a home life and a successful business. She helps those entrepreneur mothers have both. Catie’s website is lean, bright and lets her copy and photography shine through. Her optimistic and playful tone really is calming.

Stacey Boehman

If you are a beginner in the life coaching business, Stacey Boehman is the perfect coach for you. Stacey helps coaches make money. As a life coach herself, she helps coaches improve their selling mindset and provide a huge amount of value in the world. 

On this website, there is no fluff; let’s get to the point and start earning as a life coach. Through her life coaching website, she teaches other coaches how to earn money by believing in their clients and caring about them.

David Ball

Instead of a life coach, David Ball considers himself more of a mentor. He has coached more than seven thousand men over the last twenty years. David’s site is a perfect example of how knowing about your niche can change your website’s function and design. He also provides an “If you are not sure” link to address some common objections about coaching.

Melissa Ambrosini

Melissa Ambrosini is the bestselling author, speaker, and podcast host. Her goal is to inspire others to achieve a better future. From a design standpoint, Mellisa’s site is one the best life coach website available out there. It is fast and provides the genuine touch of her own writing. This website is well-written and features a full-screen call to action that draws you in.

Marie Forleo

Featured with popular and well-known celebrities like Oprah and Tony Robbins, Marie Forleo requires no introduction. Marie’s site does an amazing job of highlighting her spunky, engaging personality. It’s fun, classy, and playful, with a slight edge to it.

life coach websites

Anjanette Ludwig

Anjanette is a life coach for teenagers and their parents. She helps families learn how to power through the teenage years and communicate better with each other. Her website does an amazing job of letting you know how you can work with her. She offers both “speaking” and “work with me” pages that line out the positive results of her coaching.

Katrina Ubell

If you are a busy physician, Katrina Ubell is the perfect weight loss coach for you. As a retired physician herself, she knows how frustrating it is to lose weight while following a busy schedule. Her website is simple and offers fast page loads. That’s the crucial role of an effective homepage, and she implements it well.

Gabby Bernstein

A bestselling author and an international speaker, Gabby helps individuals feel more spiritually active and connected. Through her life coach programs and events, she has truly created a global movement.

Gabby’s site is a perfect example of what you can achieve when you focus on building a community and creating unique and consistent content. She offers well-written blogs and, most importantly, replies to all of her readers to increase interaction with them.

How To Create Your Own Life Coach Website?

Life coach websites: A life coach website works as a pilar when it comes to building a personal brand on the internet. There are several ways to do it wrong and to do it right. While building a coaching website, the last thing you want is to make several mistakes and waste your time, money, and energy.

To help you out, here is a complete “how to make a life coach website?” guide for you:

Select A Domain

No matter what your coaching niche is, the first step is to pick a domain name for your life coach website. Most coaches use their name as the domain. For instance, if it’s Jack Seinfeld, you should purchase If .com is not available, try looking for .org, .net, or other kinds of domains.

Be Personal

In the life coaching business, you connect and work with individuals one on one. So, just like your social media profiles, your coaching site should reflect it too. It’s important you talk about yourself; it will show you are a legit person. To do this step, you can add your pictures and videos to your website and share well-written blogs about coaching.

Explain Three W’s

Life Coach Websites: Who Are You? What Do You Do? Why Do You Do It?

If you have been in the coaching business for some time, you probably know the power of a narrow and clean positioning statement. You don’t have to add it on the homepage; you can explain three w’s at the bottom of your page or in the about page section if you have one.

Tell Your Own Story

Storytelling is quite a powerful skill when it comes to advertising and marketing your coaching business. As human beings, we love stories about others that are inspiring. If you add your own story on your website, your readers will know that you can understand them.

life coach websites

In your story, give it all out, don’t be shy. Tell others how you become a life coach and try to motivate them.

Provide Social Proof

A life coach can charge a lot of bucks per session. Therefore, it’s rational if your client what some proof that they will get results. If you provide social proof, it will increase their confidence in you. There are several ways to add social proof on your websites, such as case studies, testimonials, and more.

You can also list companies and brands that you have worked within the past. Sometimes, a life coach works with several people simultaneously. For instance, to increase productivity, many companies hire a life coach for their employees. If you are one of those coaches, you have to leverage it and show it on your life coaching website.

Capture Leads

Life coach websites: Email marketing is a powerful way to get leads. However, it is getting more and more expensive each day. To save some bucks, you can use your life coaching website to capture some leads. On your website, you can offer some “freebies” or host “webinars” to target your ideal clients. Regardless of your method, add a pop-up on your coaching website to get those emails.

Be “Hard To Get”

To create a profitable online business, you cannot follow, “make it easy for your clients” approach. Instead, remember that if it’s not hard, it is not worth it. 

Professionals are always busy. If you are an expert in your coaching niche, you cannot be easily reachable. On your coaching website, it’s important you clearly say who you want to entertain as your client and who your ideal clients are. You don’t want to waste your time on a person that doesn’t value your expertise.

Create A Pmp – Personal Media Platform

PMP is a place of marketing and advertising. As a life coach, the best personal media platform for you is through content marketing. With PMP, you can show your expertise, give your clients value upfront and educate them.

There are several channels and forms of PMP: podcasts, YouTube videos, Blogs on your coaching website, and more. If you are starting a life coach website, add a blog because it is simple, effective, and free.


life coach websites

Life coach websites: The life coaching business is quite rewarding if you know how to market yourself. Building a life coach website is the best and most inexpensive way to grow your life coaching business. There are several popular life coaching websites available on the internet. You can pick any one of those sites as an example to build your own.

No matter what template you use, there are some things every good coaching website has: a legit coach, a personal story, a calmy homepage according to your niche, testimonials, and more. To thrive as an online coach, your website must explain three w’s: Who are you? What do you do? And, Why you do it?

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