Lifestyle of Speed Keto: The Delicious Diane Silva’s Alternative to Dieting

by Charles Purdom
Lifestyle of Speed Keto: The Delicious Diane Silva’s Alternative to Dieting


When Diane Silva  started using Speed Keto, she was able to eat all of her favorite delicious meals while still losing weight. Keeping the weight off doesn’t mean you need to stop eating tasty meals. You don’t even have to count macros with Speed Keto if you want a diet plan that offers good variety! Diane Silva, who lost 70 pounds in one year on this diet says it was easy and delicious too.

How did you feel on Speed Keto? Better, worse, the same? Did you notice any positive health benefits?

Diane Silva: I feel 100% better since staring the Speed Keto program.  I had been struggling with weight gain for many years and constantly battling asthma.   No matter what I tried to loose weight nothing worked.   I tried several national, popular programs and spent alot of money to join the programs and purchase their foods.  Other than reducing my bank, I could never loose the weight I want to get rid of after having our lady child 17 years ago.  Since Speed Keto, I’ve lost 70 pounds and for the first time in almost 10 years, my asthma is under control and haven’t had an attack in 18 months I’ve been on the program.  My energy level is also double than before starting Speed Keto.  Before the program I couldn’t walk around the block in my neighborhood, which was approximately 15 miles on flat to mild rolling terrain. Now, I can lead 6 mile hikes with my Girl Scout troop and completed a 13 mile canoe trip on the Colorado River that required lifting and carrying metal canoes and camping gear for a group of 25 campers!  Before Speed Keto I would simply never have gone on the trip!  My husband over my results, energy and that I am enjoying life again!  Speed Keto is now my permanent lifestyle!

How much weight did you lose while on Speed Keto?

Diane Silva: I lost a total of 70 pounds on Speed Keto on about one year.  My initial goal was to loose 50 pounds by my 60th birthday.  I began the program on 15 September 2019 and reached my goal on 1 September 2020. 

Diane Silva

But, once I reached my original goal and how great I felt, I decided, and was determined, to get back down to the weight and clothing size I was before I was pregnant with our daughter.  I was wearing size 16/18 and am now back into size 4/6.  I feel GREAT and love wearing my old, classic clothing again!

How would you rate the level of support that you receive from the Speed Keto Facebook group moderators and group members?

Diane Silva: The Speed Keto Facebook group was an important part and one of the key reasons for my success.  The encouragement from other members,  reading other’s success stories, top notch support from the site moderators and Harlan and tons of program information available is phenomenal!  I love the fact that the Facebook site is private for group members only because I was completely self conscious about my weight, very depressed and embarrassed I had lost control of my weight and health.  But, Harlan, the moderators and other members understood what I was going through, did not judge and were rooting for “me”!  Members are awesome people who genuinely care and encourage each other.  Hatkan and the moderators genuinely want you to succeed and celebrate milestones and achievements with you and NEVER judge when when there are slips or struggles. Only encouragement with thus awesome group.  I did not get tge same support from other, in person programs in the past.   I thank God I found this great wright loss and healthy eating lifestyle program!

Tell us about the options for keeping the meals fresh and exciting on Speed Keto. For example have you tried any of the “bonus” recipes from the files, or used any of the additional cookbooks?

Diane Silva: I love the flexibility of rotating meals from the program and the ease in which modifications can be made or adjusted for food allergies.  Recipes are so easy and DELICIOUS!  I have to double the recipes because my kids Iove the recipes, too!  I also love the additional recipes in the Facebook files and the great ideas shared by other members.  I also lived tge Thanksgiving cookbook available on the site, too!!  I prepared all the recipes for my first Keto Thanksgiving and they were all YUMMY!  I haven’t tried the Speed Keto for Life book yet,, but, I am looking forward to purchading this book next.

Did you follow a specific Speed Keto plan? Intermittent Fasting, Non-Fasting, Vegan or Vegetarian?

Diane Silva: I followed the Intermittent Fasting plan.  I chose this plan because I rarely ate three meals every day and figured I would loose faster on the Intermittent fasting program.  I don’t know if this specific program produces faster weight  loss than the others; but, this program work so well for me.  I was a little nervous about the fasting days and becoming hungry.   But, fasting days on this program is not what one would traditionally think it is.  Fasting days are really quite satisfying as I could drink as much chicken broth I needed to prevent being hungry all day.  And, with the bullet proof coffee, MCT oil and water with the Completely Keto electrolytes, I was never hungry!

Are you planning to continue or follow Speed Keto again in the near future? (Why or Why not?)

Diane Silva: I continue to follow the Speed Keto program even though I reached my goal weight six months ago.  I will follow the program to maintain my weight, but, more important, continue to follow tge meal plan to maintain how great I feel.  I don’t fast as much as I did for weight loss, but, when I feel my weight fluctuate 3 to 5 pounds, I will follow the fasting and OMAD schedule for two weeks and I’m back on track.  I love that the plan is real, fresh food and not pre-packaged with additives.  I love to cook, so, I continue to enjoy cooking for my family. I simply change the unhealthy ingredients for healthy ones and my family is none the wiser and they love the recipes.  I also live that the recipes are easy, fast and freeze well.  So, for folks who don’t necessarily like to cook, it’s not a challenge or time consuming.  I work approximately 55 hours a week and preparing Speed Keto meals is no more time consuming than before living the Keto lifestyle!  Keto is my new lifestyle for a healthy and happier me!  Truly greatful for Harlan’s Speed Keto program, the moderators and program members!

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