Lincoln Stoller’s Entrepreneurial Toolkit: Mindfulness, Holism, and Quality Sleep

by Jerome Knyszewski

"Vulnerability isn't weakness; it's a purposeful exploration of our strengths in the face of imperfection."

Meet Lincoln Stoller, an entrepreneur with a journey that goes beyond business success, delving into the evolution of the soul. In this insightful conversation, Stoller invites you into a realm where leadership, mindfulness, and personal growth seamlessly converge.

Serving as a guide through life’s shadows and light, Stoller shares a perspective that goes beyond the ordinary, offering our wellness community a unique blend of entrepreneurial wisdom and spiritual insight.

Take part in this simple yet profound exploration with Stoller, where the integration of mind, body, and spirit becomes the bedrock of a thriving entrepreneurial journey. Learn how mindfulness shapes not just business decisions but also becomes a guiding force through life’s complexities.

Join us as we unravel the essence of well-being woven into the fabric of entrepreneurship. Embrace a paradigm where success is synonymous with a balanced and mindful existence.

Name: Lincoln Stoller

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Thank you so much for joining us. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Lincoln Stoller: I’m intrigued by other people’s worlds and I’m able to join them. I empathize, but I’ve also been to most places, dark and light. I work with both people in trouble and people in command.

The troubled people are looking for protection. I help them get back to a progressive mindset. The commanding people are unsure, and we explore what that means. Most health care practitioners are interested in healing. I’m interested in evolution.

As an entrepreneur, how do you incorporate mindfulness or spiritual practices into your leadership style? Can you share an instance where this approach significantly impacted your business decisions or team dynamics?

Lincoln Stoller: I’m a holist in my interests and my approach to function. Depending on what a person lacks, I will speak in terms of what they can do about the things they can’t. Psychologically, I emphasize awareness of the body, intellect, emotions, and spirit. I also want to explore a person’s culture, lineage, family, childhood, and legacy.

Mindfulness can play a role at every stage, but one is only as mindful as much as one can pay attention. The most overlooked aspect of ourselves is our neurology and the role we have in shaping it. I sprinkle my conversation with references to our brainwaves, what they mean, and how we can learn to control them.

I use hypnosis as a light-hearted digression and a way to broach shadow issues. I position people next to their doors to hell, and then gently tip them in. Then I follow them.

Balancing a busy professional life with healthy eating can be challenging. What strategies or habits have you adopted to ensure your diet supports both your body and spirit, especially under the pressures of entrepreneurship?

Lincoln Stoller: Avoid comfort eating. Embrace stress and failure as necessary for change and innovation. Most obstacles are opportunities if you overlook the fear and the pain, and much of that is self-imposed.

When you recognize and confront your weaknesses, you are in a better position to prevail over, remove, improve, or avoid them. Recognizing weakness and vulnerability is much more useful than pretending it isn’t there. You’re not making yourself vulnerable to others, you’re exploring weakness from a place of purpose and meaning.

Much of what I do involves looking for meaning, and in this search, my work with others becomes meaningful for myself as well.

How have you transformed your workspace to enhance focus, creativity, and inner peace? Do you have any specific routines or environmental changes that have made a significant difference in your workday wellness?

Lincoln Stoller: I’m organized, and, at the same time, I’m always leaning out of my depth. My work space is regular and contained. I eschew a social life in order to avoid disruption. I join my clients in exploring what’s dark and dangerous, so I don’t need that in my personal life.

I push myself as an entrepreneur into the untracked areas of publishing and media where I experience all the distasteful people I can tolerate. I make an exercise of engaging with people who I know I won’t like just to see if I can create something positive. I pitch my work to teachers (I hate teachers) and specialists (I disdain specialization) to see why these people are so averse to broader thinking.

Because I don’t preach to the choir, I sometimes create fertile connections in new areas. I find this exciting and a healthier way to exercise my high-risk personality.

Quality rest is crucial for peak performance. What sleep hygiene rituals do you follow to maintain high energy and clear thinking? How have these practices contributed to your success and well-being as a business owner?

Lincoln Stoller: I sleep the best when I’m removed from everything, such as hiking alone in the mountains. Sleep is an exploration of life, and its quality reflects your ability to relax. Many people don’t even know the full meaning of relaxation, which is a reconnection to your recreative functions.

Many people are chronically stressed and will not address their sleep problems until they’re ready to address their life’s problems. I used to teach courses on sleep and I have two books on the subject. I found most people talk about their poor sleep, but almost none will take it seriously.

That’s why I stopped focusing on sleep and, instead, make it an exercise as part of a person’s recovery and vitalization. People will work on sleep when they see its role in their waking life. Until they understand why it’s important, they pay it lip service.

Jerome Knyszewski, VIP Contributor to WellnessVoice and the host of this interview would like to thank Lincoln Stoller for taking the time to do this interview and share his knowledge and experience with our readers.

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