Lose Weight Your Way with Speed Keto’s® Flexible Plans!

by Charles Purdom
Lose Weight Your Way with Speed Keto’s® Flexible Plans!

Speed Keto helps you become a healthier person by giving you control over what you eat. Since you’re leading a healthier lifestyle, your mood improves. Your outlook on life also becomes brighter. Don’t believe it? Well, just listen to Tammy Bennett, and you’ll know just what we’re talking about.

How did you feel while doing Speed Keto? Did you feel better or worse? Did you notice any health benefits?

Tammy Bennett: Oh, I feel amazing now because of the Speed Keto program. You know, I have arthritis, and it hurts. I also hurt all the time when I was still following the standard American diet. But then, just days after I started Speed Keto, I noticed all the pain was gone! Even when my joints felt heavy and stiff, I could still move. 

I also feel more positive, and I’m in control of my emotions. I mean, I am a positive person, but sometimes I get sad and depressed, mostly when I ate junk food. But now, I was able to reverse my pre-diabetes. Last December 28, 2018, my A1C was 6.2. But within three months of Speed Keto, it dropped to 4.7, and it’s stayed there for the past 18 months.

What was your experience of “dining out” (or other social events) while doing Speed Keto? Was it difficult to stay on track and incorporate Speed Keto into your lifestyle?

Tammy Bennett: I feel that it was easy for me to stay focused while following Speed Keto. I mean, I knew what to eat and when to eat. It also helped that my family and friends were so supportive. So, like, when it was my fasting day, they let me stick with my water. They still included me in their plans, of course. But they also knew I was determined to get rid of the weight. They still socialized with me, but they didn’t make me feel bad about not eating the same food

I loved the plan because there was no guesswork about it. I knew when I was eating too many carbs or when I was getting the right amount of protein and fats. 

How would you rate the level of support that you receive from the Speed Keto Facebook group moderators and group members?

Tammy Bennett: I’ve always felt that my Facebook family was a huge motivator for me. Everyone makes me feel so loved and appreciated for telling my story. You know, I’ve been a widow for 17 years, and sometimes, being alone made it hard for me to stop falling back to my old ways. However, thanks to our Facebook family, I’ve always remained focused and on track.

Tell us about the flexibility of the plan. How have you made Speed Keto fit into your lifestyle?

Tammy Bennett: Oh, I love that the plan is flexible. If I’m looking forward to a social event, or if I’ve got an event, I can plan accordingly and stay on track with a meal in the program. I enjoy most food, but I really love several meals, and I will substitute them for something I would rather not eat. 

I’ve tried to like avocado, but I never did. I probably will never like it. But, the way Speed Keto works, I can just avoid those meals and pick something really yummy.

How are your energy levels while doing Speed Keto? Were you always exhausted? Did you benefit from Keto’s energy-boosting benefits?

Tammy Bennett: Well, before I started Speed Keto, I was always tired. I had zero energy, and I couldn’t walk more than 1000 steps a day. But yesterday, I walked 9 miles and almost 22,000 steps! I felt amazing. I just kept moving and grooving throughout my day! I love having endless energy, and I feel like I have a better life now than I’ve had for the last 40 years. 

Will you be recommending Speed Keto to your friends and family?

Tammy Bennett: Yes, of course, I’ll recommend Speed Keto to my friends and family. Last year, my sister, my future sister-in-law, my best friend since 6th grade, and several of my other friends joined the program. Like me, they love how Speed Keto makes them feel and look.

Did Speed Keto actually help you lose fat? What was your BMI before and after Keto? Did you lose any inches?

Tammy Bennett: Oh, yes. Speed Keto helped me lose fat. When I started, my BMI was 55%. Now, my BMI is just 29%. Back in December 2018, I was in the morbidly obese range. Today, though, I’m in the normal range. The day I was no longer obese will stay on my mind forever. That was one of the best days I’ve ever had in my Speed Keto journey.

How long did it take for Speed Keto to start working for you?

Tammy Bennett: It happened very fast. Speed Keto worked the first couple of weeks I used it. For six months, I’d just been doing regular Keto. I lost about 50 lbs., but the scale was just stuck there. I stayed at the 50-55 lbs. range for about two months. But when I started Speed Keto on June 1, 2019, I could tell a big difference in just a couple of weeks. You know how I found out? It’s when my clothes no longer fit me. 

After the first round of Speed Keto, I lost 24 lbs. and 27 inches. Right then, I was hooked. I wanted to get rid of even more weight. So, for me, Speed Keto was the game-changer.

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