Lose Weight Your Way With The Diet Plan You Want!

by Christina Gvaliant
Lose Weight Your Way With The Diet Plan You Want!

On your weight loss journey, you might come across a diet plan that works for you, but you just don’t like the meal plans it offers. What do you do when that happens? You can stick with the original plan, but you might end up thinking of your diet as a chore, which could push you off track. Or, you can find another diet plan that works, and that offers meal plans that are tasty and satisfying. You can still eat delicious meals without feeling guilty about cheating your diet regimen. Listen to Micki Rawling’s story to find out how to lose weight your way. 

Why did you pick up Speed Keto?

Micki Rawling: I was in a Facebook group, and so many of the members there were sharing their Speed Keto results. At the time I was still doing my regular keto meal plan. I’ve seen their results, though. So I jumped in. 

Did you notice any changes since starting Speed Keto? What were they?

Micki Rawling: I learned to try new foods, and I also noticed that my taste has changed a lot, in terms of what I like to eat, and what I don’t.

What advice do you have for people who are interested in Speed Keto?

Micki Rawling: First off, I’d like to say, just do Speed Keto. What do you have to lose but the weight? I’m an extremely picky eater, and I wasn’t sure at first about what to eat on Speed Keto. But I’ve done it 7 times now, and I’m always willing to try something new that I’ve never thought of eating before.

Which diet plans did you follow before Speed Keto?

Micki Rawling: I’ve tried Paleo. I mean, it worked for me. I enjoyed the food, but there are so many things about it I didn’t like, and Keto seems to fit me better. Speed Keto works so much better for me, since I don’t eat nuts, and dairy doesn’t agree with me. 

Did you do exercise while on Speed Keto? Did it surprise you that you didn’t need to exercise to lose weight?

Micki Rawling: I walk 6 ½ miles a day, and I also do my daily yoga. But the walking didn’t really start until round 4 or 5. And I started yoga at round 6. During my first few rounds, I didn’t even do the 30 minutes of walking. 

Tell us about how you kept your meals fresh and exciting on Speed Keto. Did you try other recipes or other cookbooks?

Micki Rawling: I’ve only tried the Mexican cookbook, the soup cookbook, and the Instapot cookbook. I haven’t tried the bonus ones, but I am keeping an eye out for the Carnivore book. 

Did you actually lose fat on Speed Keto? What was your BMI before and after Speed Keto? Did you lose inches?

Micki Rawling: I don’t know what my BMI was before Speed Keto, but I know I’m losing 15 pounds every time I do a round of SK. In total, I’ve lost about 80 pounds from Speed Keto. I’ve also lost some inches. 

How long did it take for Speed Keto to start working?

Micki Rawling: It started working for me in my first round. 

Do you want to keep going with Speed Keto?

Micki Rawling: Oh, yes. I like it. It works, and I don’t have to worry about what to eat. I don’t even have to think about fat in my food very much. I know I’m going to lose weight, and I don’t even need to track my macros!

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