Love Will Be In The Air This Week, Astrologers Predict: Here’s Why

by Jerald Dyson

Self-expression is the order of the day, especially since this new moon forms a free-flowing trine to Jupiter (retrograde) in Aries. No more bottling up your authentic style or telling people what they want to hear at the expense of your inner truth. Go back and clue others in (lovingly, please) if they missed any of your memos. Does the “problem” lie within your presentation? If your messages keep getting lost in translation, get to work on your branding. The Leo new moon traffics in first impressions, which begs the question, how do you want to shine in the world? Do one thing to put your talents on display or draw attention to your gifts. Permission to graciously self-promote? Granted! 

Romantically, the Leo new moon opens hearts and lifts voices. If you’ve been suppressing your loving feelings, just wait! They could come rushing out before you can stop them—especially since candid Jupiter in Aries is in a supportive sync-up.


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