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by Christina Gvaliant
Makeup Through The Ages – Tropic Skincare


Expert-approved tips for an ageless glow. 

Although we may be in the grips of a youth-obsessed society, where wrinkle-free skin prevails and the Helen Mirren’s of the world are few and far between, there’s a slow but prominent shift happening in the beauty standards, heightened by the recent pandemic. Grey hairs are left untouched, laughter lines are celebrated and the inevitable natural processes are welcomed with good skincare and healthy choices. Just as we adapt our lifestyles and skin products as we age, our makeup also requires a tweak or two to suit our ever-changing features and complexion needs.

What was once your signature makeup look may now sit differently on your face, and that smoky eye you’ve worn for years might wear a little harsher than you remember. But you don’t have to stow away your palettes and pencils just yet, as we asked veteran makeup artist Trish McEvoy for her top tips to retain your glow, whatever your age.

Super-size your lashes

“As one ages, the lash line becomes more invisible, because the lashes are more sparse. But the solution here is to give the illusion of lashes that are close together – you get this with invisible eye lining technique also known as a tight line. This can be done by lining your upper eyelid waterline which creates the illusion of fuller lashes as it fills the gaps where mascara cannot. I also use an eyelash curler to open the lash before applying mascara.”

Frame the face

“Eyebrows are so important to frame the face. Many women over-tweeze or have technicians remove too much hair. Combined with a natural loss of colour on the brow takes away from the frame of the face. A younger brow is a fuller brow, and a brow that has an even tone. To achieve this look, use brow mascara to build the brow, and define with a pencil, to frame the face and give the effect of a full brow.” 

Get the glow

Get the glow

“Uneven skin tone is often overlooked by many, but it’s one of the most important steps for illuminating the look of fatigue, by evening skin tone you create renewed radiance. Opt for a tinted moisturiser or lightweight foundation to keep skin more hydrated and use powder very sparingly (or not at all) to avoid the skin looking cakey and product emphasising fine lines.”

Add a pop of colour

“As one ages the skin naturally becomes more grey, so bring back a healthy glow by adding a touch of colour. Not only do your features come alive but it can give the same beautiful glow that we once had before the elements have played havoc on our skin. Adding a natural pink flush with a cream blush on the apples of the cheeks will bring the whole face to life.”

Plump it up

“It’s common for our lips to deflate over time. To bring back the look of fuller lips, proper hydration by drinking water and regularly applying lip balm is a must. Apply a lighter lipstick colour to the lips that’s not too glossy, as light tones make the lips look fuller whereas dark tones make the lips look smaller. Opt for blue and pink toned lip shades as these will make your teeth lighter versus a colour that has orange in it which will make your teeth appear more yellow.” 

Lighten up

Lighten up

“Our under-eye area can look dark and sallow over time, so make sure you try applying under-eye brightener in an upside-down triangle. This not only corrects darkness, but the shape enhances the cheekbone while adding light and fullness to the centre of the face for a fresher, lifted look.”


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