Most Popular Life Coach Jobs In 2021

by Jerald Dyson
life coach jobs

Starting a career as a life coach jobs is quite rewarding. Someone who selects a life coach job devotes their professional life to helping individuals and providing guidance on various occasions. However, there are hundreds of life coaching niches available out there, making it hard to select a single one.

Life Coach Niches

Life coach jobs can fall into numerous categories and niches. Some people follow a more general approach and help individuals with all their life problems. While others specialize in a certain niche and target their ideal clients. These niches include:

  • Religious Guidance
  • Professional Relationships
  • Personal Relationships
  • Health and Wellness
  • Career Help
  • Personal Matters
  • Professional Issues
life coach jobs

Who Is A Life Coach?

Life coach jobs: A life coach is an experienced person who supports a client or learner in attaining some specific professional or personal goals by providing guidance and training. In general, life coaching is an informal relationship between two individuals, of whom one party has more expertise and experience than the other and provides guidance and advice as the latter learns.

If you are starting a career as a life coach, it’s important to know all about life coaching. To help you out, below we have explained some skills, qualifications, and responsibilities of a life coach:


In a life coach career, you’ll need to have some personal and professional skills, such as:

  • Networking skills for gaining contacts and clients in the coaching industry
  • Basic skills for understanding the concept of websites, online advertisement, and marketing campaign
  • Entrepreneurial skills for running and growing your life coach business
  • Organizational skills to manage your associated paperwork and clients
  • The ability to work effectively within certain boundaries and the knowledge of confidentiality
  • The confidence to confront clients in a gentle and empathic way
  • The ability to inspire and motivate clients
  • The ability to connect with individuals with diverse backgrounds
  • Observational and excellent listening skills along with highly-developed communication skills.

Qualifications For Life Coach Jobs

Unlike therapy and other disciplines, there are no legal restrictions in life coaching. You don’t need an advanced degree or a life coach certification to start a life coach job. However, if you want your clients to take you more seriously, consider taking a legit life coach certification program accredited by a well-reputed organization, such as:

  • ICF – International Coaching Federation
  • EMCC UK – European Mentoring and Coaching Council UK
  • BACP – British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • AC – Association for Coaching

You don’t need any additional HND or degree to become a life coach. Most of the time, people select life coaching as a second profession and helps individuals through their past experiences in various backgrounds, such as:

  • Social Care
  • Psychology
  • Human Resources
  • Counseling
  • Business

Life Coach Jobs Responsibilities 

As a life coach, you have certain responsibilities toward your society, profession, and clients. These responsibilities include:

  • Work as a thoughtful practitioner for developing self-awareness while practicing as a life coach
  • Have required understanding and knowledge of techniques and theories of psychology and coaching frameworks
  • Work patiently with clients to continually reviewing progress and reaching their goals
  • Help individuals achieve their full potential but providing a clear understanding of their beliefs
  • Use different coaching techniques and tools to improve the self-awareness of your clients
  • Encourage and motivate individuals throughout the coaching process
  • Build a better relationship with other coaches and clients
  • Remember the Code of Ethics and the principle of Confidentiality

6 Most Popular Life Coach Jobs

Now that you know all the necessary information about a life coaching career, it’s time to discuss some of the most popular life coach jobs available out there:

life coach jobs

Personal Relationship Coach

A personal relationship coach helps individuals find great fulfillment in various relationship dynamics, from friendships and family relations to romantic relationships. The working procedure of this life coaching job is different for all coaches. Some prefer working with both partners simultaneously, while others work with them separately.

Relationship coaches help their clients eliminate insecurities and painful thoughts to create a better relationship vision. You don’t have to be in a relationship to hire these professionals; they can help singles too who are unable to connect with other people or have a history of troubled relationships.

Health And Fitness Coach

Various life coaching jobs fall into the health and fitness coaching category, from nutrition and fitness coaches to lifestyle, wellness, performance, meditation coaches, and more. A health and fitness coach helps individuals achieve a certain body goal, such as weight loss, weight gain, and more. 

Health and fitness coaches become in charge of their client’s nutrition, health, fitness, and food. They teach them how to take care of themselves amidst the areas of their lives. A health and fitness coach allows people to feel balanced, satisfied and fulfilled by creating and connecting both mind and body.

Life Coach Jobs: Career Coach

Another great life coach job category is career coaching. A career coach helps individuals who want to adopt a satisfying career that complements their interests and values and utilizes their strengths. If you are a person who hates their current job or recently graduated from college, you can hire these coaches.

In addition, career coaches also assist individuals in planning career moves, developing leadership skills, and identifying personal goals. The main focus of a career coach is to help clients strategize an effective job interview, provide feedback on cover letters or resumes and hunt down new career opportunities.

Personal Coach

Personal coaches tend to work with individuals on several personal matters, including getting through the grieving process of losing a loved one or the death of a close person. In addition to that, these coaches also help individuals deal with different family issues, self-esteem issues, and couple issues.

A personal coach uses discussion, requests, reflection, and inquiry to help clients identify the relationship, professional and personal goals and then creates an action plan and strategies. A personal coach is not a therapist; this professional does not give specific advice but acts like a mirror by sharing an unbiased and outside perspective of what they are observing about an individual.

Professional Coach

A professional coach guides their clients to make better decisions about their professional lives. This life coach job focuses on what type of modification or changes a businessman has to adopt to build a better relationship with coworkers. A session between clients and professional coaches also entails working toward improving professional skills or making several career change decisions.

life coach jobs

There are two types of professional coaches available out there: internal coaches and external coaches. An internal professional coach works inside an organization. This type of coach is considered a salaried person and helps their employers grow their business. In comparison, an external coach is an independent person who can work with as many people as possible.  

Spiritual Coach

A spiritual coach allows their clients to explore the deeper connection between the Universe and people. They help individuals gain a deeper and new understanding of the world and the energy that flows within it. A spiritual life coach generally uses several coaching and healing tools to support this spiritual journey.

Spiritual coaching is about unleashing compassion and self-trust in another person. A spiritual coach offers several services, including creating a positive mindset, understanding the true purpose of life, eliminating negative self-talk and judgments, and developing a sense of empowerment.

Life Coach Jobs: Online VS Local Coach

As a professional life coach, you can be a local or an online life coach. Both these approaches have some pros and cons. For instance, an online life coach can target an unlimited number of clients compared to an in-person one. However, an in-person life coach costs more charges per session than an online one.

Life Coach Woking Hours

Besides internal life coaching, you’ll be self-employed, which means flexibility in your working hours. You can set your own working hours based on your availability and location. We recommend offering weekend or evening appointments because this is an ideal time when a client wants to meet.

Many professional life coaches plan the maximum number of hours they want to offer before starting a life coach career. On average, an external life coach offers up to 10 hours per week and deal with 10 different clients per week.

Life Coach Salary

The salary of a life coach depends upon their experience, type of coaching, location, and more. On average, a private practitioner or self-employed life coach could charge in the range of $80 to $1000. Usually, experienced life coaches charge up to $350 per session. To target more clients, you can also offer some coaching packaging, such as a one-month package or three-month package.

life coach jobs


Before starting a life coach job, it’s essential to do your homework. You should know everything about life coaching to work as a life coach effectively. There are several life coach niches available; you can select a single niche or work as an all-rounder. 

We suggest investing your time and taking an accreditated life coach certification program to know more about your selected niche. Several life coaching organizations are available that offer full life coach training programs and coaching tools and techniques. 

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