Need More Courage & Motivation In Your Life? Reach For This Powerhouse Crystal

by Jerald Dyson

FAQs about tiger’s-eye.

Which zodiac sign is it associated with?

While it’s not necessary “official,” tiger’s eye is often associated with the sign of Gemini (and both May and June Gemini’s, for that matter). That said, many of its qualities and properties are also reminiscent of Leo energy, so some say this is a good stone for Leo’s, as well.

Which chakra is associated with it?

Given its rich, orange color and connection to creativity and strength, this stone is associated with the sacral chakra.

Is it a good crystal to sleep with?

Yes, according to Askinosie, tiger’s eye can be used to help you settle in for a good night’s rest. It won’t energize you too much, so long as you work with an intention for sleep, she explains.

“Holding on to a piece of tiger’s eye, say out loud to the energy of the spirit realm, I want to ground into a good night’s sleep tonight. I want to hold into my energetic body, and I want to sleep soundly tonight,” she says, adding, “I know putting that directive out may be a little odd, but it’s very powerful in the sleep realm when you put your intention before you go to sleep.”

How should it be worn as jewelry?

Tiger’s-eye is a great option for jewelry and can ultimately be worn any way you like, though Askinosie tells mbg she likes it particularly as a bracelet, where it will frequently catch your eye.


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