Nervous For A First Date? This Supplement Helps Me Stay Calm

by Jerald Dyson

As a single woman in New York City, I’m no stranger to dating apps—or the nerves that strike right before a first date. Whether I’m testing the waters with an unlikely match or meeting someone who I messaged with for weeks, I inevitably feel butterflies fluttering around in my stomach a few hours before the date is set to start.

Initially I hoped the first date jitters would disappear (or at least drastically dwindle down) with time. But I found even after countless first dates, the anticipation before them never really went away, even if my first date questions had drastically improved. 

Like many, I turned to sipping a glass of wine to ease my tension before a first date started, yet it never really felt like a good habit for my overall well-being. Sure, the Blue Zone diet includes wine and social interaction, but I don’t think drinking a glass of Sauvignon blanc alone before meeting a stranger is quite what those guidelines had in mind. 

Eventually, I knew I needed another tactic, and I realized the best option for evoking calm might already be sitting in my supplements drawer: mindbodygreen’s calm+.*


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