Nicole Richie: From Reality TV Star to Businesswoman

by Jerald Dyson

She is best known for her love of partying, which she shared with her best friend, Paris Hilton. And yet, Nicole Richie has changed a lot since then. Born in 1981 in Berkley, California, she was abandoned by her biological parents at the age of 2. She will be adopted by Lionel Richie and his wife at the time, Brenda Harvey Richie, before a divorce which will deeply mark the young girl in 1993. In 1986, Nicole Richie joined the famous Buckley school where she met her best friend Paris Hilton. While her first ambition to become a figure skater, Michael Jackson’s goddaughter entered the University of Arizona alongside Kourtney Kardashian, after graduating from Montclair College Preparatory School in 1999. She studied there Arts and Media for two years before returning to California. It was during her graduate studies that Nicole Richie was noticed for her attraction to parties, and to the world of showbiz. A universe in which she will quickly dive.

From an early jet-setter …

It was in 2003 that Nicole Richie began to take a big place on the international media scene, and for good reason: she became the star of a new reality show “The Simple Life”, where she shares the lead. poster with her best friend Paris Hilton. Broadcast for 5 years, this series features the two jet-setters who will have to learn to live without money, without a cell phone and above all, without a nightclub.

So the center of attention, she becomes the it-girl of the moment. The young woman is mainly noticed in this series by her sense of departure, but not only. Deemed to be “round” by some Internet users, Nicole Richie becomes anorexic following criticism of her physique. The young Californian falls prey to the paparazzi in an insatiable quest for the slightest snapshot proving her thinness. Aware of her illness, Nicole Richie decides to take a cure to heal herself, and also joins the pro-ana movement.

But anorexia was not the only difficulty faced by Nicole Richie. The young woman was caught in a vicious circle where drugs slowly took hold in her daily life. Many times arrested for drunk driving or possession of illicit substances, she was placed in a detention center and had several stays in rehab. Experiences that pushed her to change, and after which she was able to bounce back.

… To businesswoman and mom

It was in 2008 that Nicole Richie took a turn in her career. While the series “The Simple Life” ended, the one who has just been a mother decides to get into fashion, alongside her acting career. She then created “House of Harlow 1960”, a name tribute to her daughter Harlow Winter Kate Madden. Initially, this brand was not to be reduced to a collection of jewelry, but in 2009 Nicole Richie sees bigger for her brand and launches into textiles. She will also receive a Glamor Award at the Glamor Women of The Year Awards in 2010 for her clothing collection.

Nicole Richie herself defines House of Harlow 1960 as a brand that draws inspiration from “the 60s and 70s, music, with a nod to vintage and travel”. With this brand, the 40-year-old wishes to develop self-expression, openness, love and creativity. The most of House of Harlow 1960 are its many collaborations. The most recent is the one made with Etsy. This online sales site was chosen by the businesswoman for a reason that she explains “I am committed to joining small businesses that invest in their profession and to be able to present to the House of Harlow community. artists that I love and who inspire me ”. While a first collaboration was all the rage in June 2021, the Californian decided to remake an exclusive collection for Christmas – which for her is none other than “a moment to celebrate life with those we love the most”. Available since October 18, this collection that she defines as “luxury, festive and confident” includes pajamas, cushions, and even clothing for pets.

Today Nicole Richie is a woman who juggles her role as a mother and that of an entrepreneur, and does so brilliantly. Far from the cameras and from her jet-setter past, she has managed to evolve and bring a new string to her bow. A renewal that we welcome.

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