Not To Brag, But I’m Obsessed With How Hydrated This Product Makes My Skin Feel

by Jerald Dyson

I used to be staunchly in the camp that eye creams were unnecessary. Why spend extra money and add another step when I could, oh I don’t know, just apply my good ol’ regular face cream around my eyes? For what it’s worth, I still believe this for those who don’t have anything notable that bothers them around the eyes. But when I turned 30, my skin started to change—not dramatically, but enough for me to need to re-evaluate my routine.

What was once oil-slick and blemish-prone became dry and dull, and all the active ingredients and topicals I used to rely on no longer suited my skin type. The very first place I started noticing this change was around my eyes.  

The eye area houses some of the thinnest, most sensitive skin on your face (an area that’s already fairly delicate to begin with). This is why, for example, when you’ve had a bad night’s sleep the eyes are the first to tattle on you: Since the skin is thinner, it’s more likely to show capillaries that have expanded due to lack of sleep. Or, as in my case, increased dryness and fine lines. 


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