Only 8% Of The Population Has This Rare, Creative Personality Type — Do You?

by Jerald Dyson

When it comes to ENFPs and their careers, the love of spontaneity and trying new things holds true. And according to Hackston, they also make supportive and empathetic colleagues, enjoying working with others. “They are looking for variety, new challenges, and the opportunity to be creative. They want a connection to other people, and to work in a job and for an organization that fits with their values,” he explains.

Hackston and Segovia also note that it’s not uncommon for an ENFP to change careers, and even career paths, multiple times throughout their life. Ultimately, they’re creative problem solvers and thrive by learning new things and thinking outside the box, Segovia says. “They feel attracted by the opportunity of working alongside different people—especially those who also express their creativity when facing challenges,” he adds.

ENFPs like the freedom to follow their own process, so deadlines can be stressful for them. Because of this, ENFPs may find themselves interested in entrepreneurship, Segovia tells mbg. And as Hackston adds, they’re also attracted to jobs where they can motivate and inspire others, combine innovation with teamwork and their values, and of course, be creative or even artsy.


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