Patrick Schwarzeneggar & Maria Shriver’s 5 Brain Health Tips

by Jerald Dyson

We’ll start with diet, as fueling your brain with the nutrients it loves can help enhance its function over time. Both Shriver and Schwarzenegger praise the MIND diet—a blend of the DASH and Mediterranean diets—which prioritizes berries, nuts, fish, and tons of leafy greens. You can read all about the nutritious eating plan here, but just know that it’s associated with better cognitive performance. 

Even if you don’t follow the MIND diet to a T, Schwarzenegger advises you opt for “something that is very low in sugar and has nutritious, healthy fats.” Fill your plate with our favorite brain-supporting foods, and perhaps lend a critical eye to your packaged food labels. You see, it’s not impossible to find snacks that taste good and contain clean ingredients: MOSH protein bars, for example, contain a blend of specific ingredients known for their brain-supporting properties, like lion’s mane, ashwagandha, MCT’s, omega-3s, collagen, vitamins B12 and D3. 


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