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by Patty Allen


Sofritas is made from non-GMO organic tofu (supplied by Hodo Soy) crumbled and braised in a chipotle infused broth with roasted poblano peppers. It’s spicy, but less spicy than I expected; the flavor is essentially salty with strong notes of cumin and pepper.

What are chipotle vegetable stir-fries made of?

What are Sofritas? Chipotle sofritas are organic shredded tofu braised in chipotle peppers, roasted poblanos and an “aromatic spice blend”. What the description misses, however, is the added oil and sugar to mass-produce this processed chipotle health food.

What is the vegetable protein in chipotle sofritas?

What are Sofritas? Sofritas are a meatless substitute served at Chipotle. The base is made with tofu and a mix of chipotle peppers, spices and more. This is a great meatless Tex-Mex flavored protein option.

Are vegetable stir-fries with chipotle good?

It’s super flavorful and delicious, as well as full of good quality vegan protein. It is suitable for both vegans and vegetarians! As you know, sofritas go incredibly well with dishes like burritos or tacos, but you can add them to all your favorite recipes!

Are chipotle vegetable stir-fries spicy?

“The Sofritas dish has a little heat, but it’s not as hot as the Chipotle hot sauce,” Lutz said. “The item has a chilli-like consistency and can be added to meat without being overwhelming. The chewable protein is also self-contained.

What is the difference between Sofritas and vegetable chorizo?

What really sets their vegetable chorizo apart from the sofritas is its texture and texture. We are aware that these are very different ingredients, tofu versus pea protein, and the sofritas are braised which results in a smoother texture.

Why did Chipotle stop the Sofritas?

Image source: Chipotle Mexican Grill. The reason it’s not in more places isn’t a general lack of demand, which one would expect for a vegan dish. Instead, it’s that Chipotle was unable to get enough of the organic tofu that forms the base of the ingredient.

What’s the healthiest protein option at Chipotle?

When choosing a protein source, you have the choice between meats or tofu. the chicken, steak, barbecue and carnitas package between

Which protein is the healthiest at Chipotle?

Best: Most protein options

The protein in steak and sofritas has 150 calories, while the highest calorie protein, carnitas, has 210. Most meat protein options at Chipotle are relatively comparable, so choose your favorite and go. for that.

Do sofritas contain more protein than chicken?

Chipotle has a vegan “meat” option, and its name is Sofritas. Although lower in protein than the meat options, if you’re looking for a vegetarian substitute, this is the way to go.


Sofritas (a plant-based protein) are cooked with added sugars, and carnitas are higher in saturated fat than steak or chicken, according to our pro, making these seemingly healthy options less nutritious than other Chipotle proteins.

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