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by Penny Alba


Your immune system is temporarily compromised for to 7 hours after running a marathon because stress hormones are in a state of dysfunction. You can suffer kidney damage from drinking 48 hours later. You be suffering from post-marathon depression.

How long do you hurt after a half marathon?

Intense exercise, such as running a half marathon, can lead to temporary increases in markers of acute inflammation, such as white blood cells, cytokines, and creatine kinase, compromised immunity, and skeletal muscle damage [ ].

What exercise to do after a half-marathon?

Pain and stiffness usually occur – days after the event. It is not associated with serious muscle damage and usually resolves within a week. 0

What’s the fastest way to recover after a half marathon?

A light jog or other non-impact exercise is a much better option. Walking, swimming or biking will keep your blood flowing and keep your muscles from going into shock. Be sure to continue eating healthy meals and snacks, as food plays an important role in energy and cardiovascular fitness.

What should I do a week after the half marathon?

Stay hydrated. The distance for a half marathon is just over miles. .
Take a cold bath. Although soaking in ice water not sound very appealing to most of us, it does reduce inflammation significantly. .
Treat yourself to a vacation. .
Get a massage. .
Take a short jog. .
Sleep a little more. .
Raise your legs.

How many days should I rest before a half marathon?

Step away from the impact of running for four to five days and train three times for 5 to 0 minutes with low-impact activities that will warm up your muscles. Walking, cycling and swimming are great alternatives. Incorporate full-body flexibility exercises after every workout (yoga is perfect). 009

Can I run a half marathon if I can run 8 miles?

Some runners prefer a two week cut before a half marathon; others blossom a few days later, depending on the type of training.

What not to do after running?

You don’t have to run . miles in training

If you can run or run/walk 0 miles, you should be able to complete a half marathon safely and comfortably.

What is the face of the runner?

What not to do after a long run?
Don’t forget to cool off. .
Don’t forget to refuel and rehydrate. .
Don’t eat too much after a long run. .
Don’t force yourself for the rest of the day. .
Don’t stay with the same clothes after running. .
Do not bathe in lukewarm water.


What is the face of the runner? If you haven’t heard the term, you’ve probably seen it. It’s the face of a long-time runner with leathery, saggy skin and a haggard appearance. It is the result of too much sun exposure and too little body fat.

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