Scott Clary’s Onmi Initiative: Redefining Nutraceuticals For A Healthier World

by Jed Morley

“I start my day with intermittent fasting. There’s compelling research that shows its benefits, from cellular repair processes to improved insulin sensitivity.”

Scott D. Clary is the CEO of OnMi Patch, a venture-backed health tech & wellness company, host of the Success Story podcast (part of the HubSpot Podcast network) where he interviews inspirational people, mentors and leaders, and the founder of a weekly business newsletter with over 50,000 subscribers.

A career sales and marketing executive. Scott re-writes the playbook on sales, marketing, brand and take to market strategy. From startups to enterprises, Scott has worked with executives and entrepreneurs to 10x their businesses. He’s sold and marketed to the most iconic F500 / F100 brands throughout his career.

His work has been featured in over 100+ news sites and publications. He speaks globally at industry conferences and has had articles and insights featured in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, HackerNoon, The Startup and others.

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Scott Clary

We are thrilled to have you join us today! Let’s start off with a little introduction. Tell our readers a bit about yourself and your company.

Scott D. Clary: Well firstly, thank you so much for having me today. I always appreciate the opportunity to dive into my background, and hopefully it will give the readers some helpful tips for their personal and professional journey.

I currently do a few things, but the most important focus for me at the moment is my company OnMi Patch and my podcast, Success Story.

I am currently the CEO and Co-Founder of OnMi Patch. We’re a venture backed, health tech and wellness company. We are disrupting the vitamin and supplement industry with a new delivery system for any pill, powder or supplement you take with transdermal vitamin patches.

“When I’m in optimal health, I think clearer, react faster, and remain balanced under stress.”

Could you walk us through how you took on the role of ceo at Onmi Patch and what motivated your decision to join the company?

Scott D. Clary: Before OnMi, I lived two separate lives—one in tech leadership and the other focused on health and fitness. Although I was passionate about wellness, my professional and fitness paths never crossed.

I had tried countless supplements claiming various benefits, but most were filled with ingredients that were hard to pronounce. When I discovered founders looking to transform the health and wellness landscape with a patch, my initial question was straightforward: “Does it work?”

After personally trying the patch, my immediate follow-up was, “Where do I sign up?” The company’s mission, their solution to a prevalent problem, and the tangible results I experienced led me to take on the role of CEO, dedicated to steering OnMi towards replacing pills and improving lives.

Scott Clary

What distinguishes Onmi, and how does the company approach health and wellness in a distinctive way?

Scott D. Clary: OnMi goes beyond being just a patch; it represents technology, a lifestyle, and a revolution. Our products adhere to five fundamental principles: transparency, education, innovation, effectiveness, and inclusivity.

These principles serve as the guiding force behind everything we develop, ensuring that our offerings—from addressing energy and sleep to appetite suppression and hangover relief—align with our commitment to enhancing lives through transdermal technology.

Why is optimal health and wellness so crucial to you?

Scott D. Clary: For me, health and wellness isn’t just about physique or a number on the scale. Multiple studies have linked optimal health to increased longevity, decreased risk of chronic diseases, and improved mental well-being.

So, when I focus on health and wellness, I’m not just investing in my body right now, but I’m also ensuring a future where I can be active, engaged, and mentally sharp. It’s the backbone that helps me achieve in every other area of life.

Could you walk us through your daily wellness routine?

Scott D. Clary: Absolutely! I start my day with intermittent fasting. There’s compelling research that shows its benefits, from cellular repair processes to improved insulin sensitivity.

During my fasting window, I fuel up with BCAAs and caffeine – a combo that kickstarts my metabolism without breaking the fast.

Then off to the gym for some heavy lifting, which I do five times a week. The combination of resistance training and my specific dietary choices is based on evidence indicating muscle preservation, metabolic health, and cognitive function improvement.

What three habits are your non-negotiables for cognitive performance?

Scott D. Clary: Firstly, it’s regular mental challenges. The brain, much like muscles, operates on the “use it or lose it” principle. Whether it’s puzzles, reading, or learning something new, I ensure my brain gets its workout. Secondly, nutrition.

The brain needs proper fuel. Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and other nutrients play a crucial role in cognitive health. Lastly, I focus on quality sleep. Research consistently shows that during deep sleep, the brain cleans out waste products, which if left unchecked, could impair cognitive function

How do health and wellness influence your overall life performance?

Scott D. Clary: Consider the findings from Harvard’s SHINE study: Employees with healthier diets were 25% more likely to have higher job performance. When I’m in optimal health, I think clearer, react faster, and remain balanced under stress.

My wellness routine isn’t just about personal well-being; it’s an investment in how I perform in every facet of life, from professional tasks to personal interactions.


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How do you adapt when new health research emerges?

Scott D. Clary: I’m an avid reader of new health studies. But understanding science requires discernment. One study isn’t conclusive. It’s essential to look for meta-analyses and consensus in the scientific community.

It’s an ongoing learning process, ensuring that I’m not just following trends, but genuinely benefiting from the latest evidence-backed practices.

Scott Clary

Stress is inevitable. How do you handle it?

Scott D. Clary: I take a two-pronged approach: proactive and reactive. Proactively, activities like regular exercise and meditation, which have been shown to lower cortisol (stress hormone) levels, are a staple.

Reactively, when faced with immediate stress, I employ deep-breathing techniques and grounding exercises, both of which help bring down acute stress responses as proven by numerous studies.

How does your physical activity weave into the wellness tapestry?

Scott D. Clary: Resistance training, which I prioritize, isn’t just about building muscles. A study from the University of Limerick suggests it can also alleviate symptoms of depression. This holistic approach, focusing on both physical strength and mental well-being, is the essence of my regimen.

Could you give us a sneak peek into your dietary choices?

Scott D. Clary: I focus on nutrient density. Research from the Nutritional Psychiatry Branch at the National Institute on Aging indicates a strong correlation between diet quality and mental health.

My plate is rich in leafy greens, lean proteins, and healthy fats. And with intermittent fasting, I aim to tap into the cellular benefits, enhancing both physiological and cognitive aspects.

How sacred is sleep in your routine?

Scott D. Clary: Sleep is not just a rest phase; it’s when the body repairs and the mind consolidates. The National Sleep Foundation’s research consistently emphasizes sleep’s role in everything from metabolism to memory. My 7-8 hour sleep window isn’t just about rest; it’s a pillar of my cognitive and physical health.

How do you gauge if your health routine is working?

Scott D. Clary: It’s a mix of tangible and intangible markers. On one hand, blood tests, muscle strength, endurance levels, and other objective measures provide a clear picture. But equally important are the intangible feelings of well-being, mental clarity, and zest for life, which numerous studies link to health practices.

Any tips for newbies embarking on a health and cognitive journey?

Scott D. Clary: Start by understanding the ‘why’ behind every practice. Whether it’s the cellular benefits of intermittent fasting or the neuroprotective effects of omega-3s, grounding your habits in science makes them stick. And remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

How has your view of health and wellness morphed over time?

Scott D. Clary: Earlier, it was about aesthetics. But diving into health literature, I learned it’s an intricate dance of physiological processes, biochemistry, and cognitive function. My perspective has grown from surface-level fitness to deep-rooted holistic wellness.

“It’s all about integration. Wellness isn’t a separate “task” for me; it’s woven into my day.”

Motivation can be fickle. How do you keep the fire alive?

Scott D. Clary: Science is a huge motivator. Understanding the profound effects, say, of resistance training on bone density or intermittent fasting on autophagy, pushes me. But beyond that, it’s about the community, shared stories, and the palpable benefits I feel every day.

Scott Clary

Are there any supplements or nootropics you swear by?

Scott D. Clary: I’m big on BCAAs, especially during my fasting window, as they support muscle protein synthesis without spiking insulin. As for nootropics, I’m cautious but curious. It’s crucial to consult studies and possibly seek expert guidance before diving deep

How do you prioritize wellness with such a hectic life?

Scott D. Clary: It’s all about integration. Wellness isn’t a separate “task” for me; it’s woven into my day. Whether it’s choosing a salad over fast food during a work lunch or taking a five-minute break to stretch, it’s the small, consistent choices rooted in a deeper understanding of health’s holistic nature.

Jed Morley, VIP Contributor to WellnessVoice and the host of this interview would like to thank Scott Clary for taking the time to do this interview and share his knowledge and experience with our readers.

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Rockstar Profile

A Paradigm Shift: Scott Clary’s Pursuit Of True Wealth

Scott Clary

A midst a sea of health promises tied to pills and powders, Scott Clary stands out as a torchbearer of innovation with OnMi Patches. A result of two years of relentless research and development, these transdermal patches offer a unique way to deliver vitamins and botanicals directly through the skin, sidestepping the usual pitfalls of the supplement industry.

Scott’s brainchild, with its mantra “No Irritation! No Bloating! Just Wellness!” embodies OnMi’s commitment to simplicity and efficacy in the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. The OnMi Advantage is rooted in a commitment to transparency.

These hypoallergenic and naturally-derived patches boast an impressive 90% absorption rate, a significant leap from the 30% offered by traditional vitamins. Scott emphasizes, “We’ll tell you what’s in our products in a way that’s fun and easy to digest but still informative.” OnMi stands as a symbol of innovation and user-friendly technology, challenging the conventional norms of health supplements.

However, in the relentless pursuit of success, entrepreneurs often find themselves entangled in a whirlwind of numbers, dreams, and the elusive promise of a better life. What if the true gem in life’s grand treasure hunt isn’t a swollen bank balance but the peace of mind accompanying it?

Enter Scott Clary, a maverick entrepreneur challenging the status quo, advocating that true wealth lies not just in financial gains but in the serenity that comes with it.

“Scott underscores that the healthiest business strategy involves an equal investment in both wealth and well-being”

Rethinking Wealth: It’s Health First

Challenging the prevailing focus on financial portfolios within society, Scott redefines the conventional notion of wealth.

He introduces a radical idea – what if your most valuable asset is your well-being? The true measure of success, he argues, lies not in bank balances but in vitality, relationships, and purpose.

As he urges entrepreneurs to rethink, Scott Clary positions health as the cornerstone of genuine wealth. For further insights into wellness and a deeper exploration of Scott Clary’s perspectives, read on to discover more in the succeeding sections, drawn from the wealth of articles he has written.

Scott Clary

Unconventional Wisdom On Entrepreneurial Success

Identifying a subtle cadence amidst the hustle and bustle of entrepreneurial pursuits, Scott Clary, a discerning entrepreneur with a knack for business nuances, discovers tranquility in the quieter beats—the rhythm of rest.

Amid the buzz of deadlines and the pursuit of innovation, he perceives rest as a calculated pause that amplifies the effectiveness of his endeavors rather than a cessation of activity.

In Scott’s outlook, comparable to the pause in a potent concert that intensifies the energy upon resumption, rest is not an indulgence but a vital requirement. It serves as the propellant for the entrepreneurial machinery, an indispensable element in the journey towards success.

Contrary to prevailing notions, Scott contends that genuine entrepreneurship requires acknowledging not only the peaks of achievement but also the valleys of rest.

Business Lessons From The Iron: Lifting Weights & Wisdom

This prominent man skillfully draws parallels between the gradual progress of lifting weights and navigating the business world, highlighting the invaluable lessons of patience, persistence, and the significance of carving out one’s own path amid the clamor.

These principles seamlessly apply to both bench presses and the pursuit of business growth. Scott underscores that the healthiest business strategy involves an equal investment in both wealth and well-being.

By harmonizing the pursuit of financial success with a dedication to personal well-being, he redefines success as a comprehensive journey that intertwines the quest for wealth with the keys to health.

Scott Clary, the champion of wellness, serves as a living testament to this balanced approach in the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship.

Scott Clary

Alone, Not Lonely: Dispelling The Myth

Scott also challenges the common conflation of loneliness with being alone. Drawing a clear distinction, he highlights instances where solitude is a source of contentment rather than loneliness.

Through relatable scenarios, like enjoying a solitary dance routine while completing household chores, Scott encourages us to detach ‘alone’ from the negative associations of ‘lonely,’ urging a reevaluation of our perceptions.

“Acknowledging the time constraints of the modern world, Scott introduces ‘micro-solitude’ as a practical strategy. From silent lunches to technology sabbaths, he provides tangible examples of incorporating solitude into our routines.”

Crafting Solitude In A Busy World: Scott’s Practical Guide

Acknowledging the time constraints of the modern world, Scott introduces ‘micro-solitude’ as a practical strategy. From silent lunches to technology sabbaths, he provides tangible examples of incorporating solitude into our routines.

Scott emphasizes that meaningful isolation doesn’t require grand gestures but can be woven into daily life, creating pockets of peace and self-reflection.

Scott Clary

The Pursuit Of Peace In A World Of Profit

Emphasizing a vision where peace of mind surpasses mere existence, the concept emerges as a priceless currency in Scott’s perspective. He encourages us to envision life’s richness when worry takes a back seat. While a hefty paycheck may remain silent in the face of anxiety, a shared meal filled with laughter becomes a feast fit for royalty.

According to him, money cannot buy peace of mind, unveiling a paradox where peace of mind becomes the catalyst for rational decision-making, the foundation of stronger relationships, and the wellspring of authentic creativity.

Scott’s philosophy implies that genuine success intertwines external achievements with internal tranquility. In a compelling conclusion, Scott Clary repositions peace of mind as the new billionaire status.

His unconventional perspective challenges the conventional wisdom equating financial success with true wealth, offering a transformative concept that transcends materialistic definitions of success.

As entrepreneurs conclude their hustle, Scott invites them to sit still, listen, breathe, and discover their peace. In the pursuit of success, Scott’s philosophy echoes: true wealth is not merely measured in dollars but also in the tranquility of a peaceful mind.

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