Shanna Nani’s Weight Loss Story: Shanna Finds the Right Program to Lose Weight

by Christina Gvaliant
Shanna Nani’s Weight Loss Story: Shanna Finds the Right Program to Lose Weight

Shanna’s weight loss story is sure to inspire anyone who thinks there is only one right way to lose weight! 

Shanna Nani was tired of feeling like she couldn’t enjoy her favorite foods and snacks, which led her on an unfortunate journey testing out a bunch of diets that didn’t suit her or her needs. BUT a ray of light did come, and today, we learn about how she was able to find the program that worked for both her taste buds and waistline. And how you might go about doing the same!

What kind of changes have you noticed since starting Speed Keto?

Shanna Nani: The most significant change for me has been the elimination of inflammation which I did not know was a result of the types of foods I was eating. 

This program has made me understand that having an allergy to a food is not the same thing as having an inflammatory response to it. Armed with this knowledge, I now have the tools to make informed choices about my diet based on causality. No other program has offered this type of clarity to me.

In addition to reduced inflammation I have dropped over one hundred pounds, with Speed Keto being a significant factor in the equation. My mental clarity has improved, I am not moody, and my migraines and body aches have decreased, as well. I have far better appetite control, and am no longer held hostage by the thought of what and when I will next eat. 

Truly, the freedom I have gained from Speed Keto from being ruled by food is phenomenal.

What advice do you have for someone who is hesitant to try Speed Keto?

Shanna Nani: Read every label. Follow the plan as it is written to learn how and why this program works so well. Pay attention to your body. It will tell you what it needs. Trust that the program works. You alone have the power to create change in your life, this is merely a concise and effective tool to do so.

There is no failing. Even when you deviate, you haven’t failed. You get up, brush yourself off and keep going.

How do you feel that there are no “diet pills” or exogenous ketones as part of the plan and that Speed keto focuses on eating real, whole foods to lose weight?

Shanna Nani: I LOVE that there are no “diet pills” or other supplements in which I would expect to find questionable ingredients.  Food has the power to change the body.  I have the power to control the food.  It’s elegant and simple.

How are your energy levels while on Speed Keto? (Were you always exhausted? Or, did you benefit from Keto’s energy-boosting benefits?)

Shanna Nani: On starting the program I did fall into a bit of a slump as far as energy goes, however, following the advice of the outstanding support team, I quickly understood why that was happening.  After my body became a consistent fat-burning machine, my energy levels increased to a level that was far better than any type of roller-coaster carbohydrate fueled energy I’d ever previously had.  Even with underlying chronic conditions, the way I feel has improved drastically, and I am able to do the things I was always wishing I could do in “my old life”.

Will you be recommending Speed Keto to your friends and family?

Shanna Nani: I have already recommended this program to multiple people.  I have tried so many other plans that never gave me the knowledge I needed to carry forth a particular way of eating, much less yielding the results that so many of us are chasing.  

Beyond that, to have the program lay everything out before you so simply is what I feel provides the key to success.  This program is the key, the door is yours for opening.

Are you planning to continue or follow Speed Keto again in the near future? (Why or Why not?)

Shanna Nani: I definitely plan on continuing to follow Speed Keto until I reach my goal weight.  The delicious recipes and more importantly the precepts gained while using the program will stay with me forever.

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