She Lost 100lbs With Speed Keto® in ONE Year! | Meet Rhonda McCollough

by Christina Gvaliant

Today, we interview Rhonda McCollough, an avid Speed Keto® enthusiast that claims to have lost over 100lbs with the Speed Keto® diet — and this is just in a single year! More about her journey with this groundbreaking, low-carb diet program below.

To start, let’s get straight to the question that everyone is itching to ask! How was your weight loss journey like on the Speed Keto® diet program?

Rhonda McCollough: My life has been completely turned around since I found Speed Keto! From the very beginning, my first week, I saw results. I’m not saying that it was all easy. No diet ever truly is, but I’ve tried all kinds of other diets before and this was the one that just clicked for me.

What kind of goals did you have at the start of your Speed Keto journey? And, did you ever achieve those goals?

Rhonda McCollough: Like I said earlier, I’ve tried just about EVERY weight-loss option there is… But nothing ever truly worked for me. I must have tried every conceivable calorie-restricting diet in the market (or at least it felt like I did), but it wasn’t until Speed Keto that I started to see any significant improvement weight loss-wise. The Speed Keto program has worked better and faster than ANYTHING I have ever tried.

She Lost 100lbs With Speed Keto® in ONE Year! | Meet Rhonda McCollough

Now, I didn’t have any specific goals starting out, outside of losing weight, of course, but I daresay I achieved that! I’m not the thinnest I’ve ever been — despite losing 100lbs in my first year of Speed Keto – I still have a long way to go! But, I just feel better. Physically, mentally… I’ve never been healthier!

What did your early days of Speed Keto feel like?

Rhonda McCollough: To be completely honest, I expected it to be pretty horrible in the beginning. And, certainly, having to give up carbs was tough to swallow at first! But, right from the first week, I noticed an extreme lessening of joint pain and inflammation! By the second week, my swollen feet became a thing of the past! And I even found some relief from my chronic plantar fasciitis (heel pain), which was a pleasant surprise! Little by little I started to see a change. I even started exercising more, or became more active in general… I felt more confident!

I’m not saying that the results were instantaneous, but they were there. I could see it working too! I still remember when I took my 1-month “after” pics. Ooh boy. That was a shock for sure. A good shock, of course. Seeing my progress really motivated me to keep going!

Can you describe what kind of meals you were eating while on Speed Keto? Was it good? Did you feel full?

Rhonda McCollough: The food on Speed Keto is AMAZING! I especially love the Thai Chicken with extra broth and the Bacon-Wrapped Chicken, but there were so many other great recipes that I enjoyed! Actually, I loved them so much that I adapted almost every recipe to fit family portions so that I could just eat things over and over again; and cut down on cooking and preparing time while I was at it!

As for satiation… Well, when I first started Speed Keto I wondered how I would deal with not overeating; since that was a big issue that I had with other diets. The start of Week 1, I thought maybe I would be miserable during the whole program, it felt like it, but even before going into Week 2, I had gotten so used to it that the question changed to whether I could even finish the food that was planned out for each meal!

So yes, after I got used to the low-carb and high-fat meals, I felt full almost all the time — even when I was fasting. Whenever I did feel hungry, or when I was craving something dubious, I usually just dipped into the optional side/salad recipes; which were incredibly delicious and more than enough to stave off any cravings I had until the next planned meal.

Would you recommend Speed Keto to other people?

Rhonda McCollough: Haha! I already have! So many of my friends and my family have given Speed Keto a try at my recommendations — and have seen a huge improvement in their health because of it! The Speed Keto plan works! And I’m always going to be more than happy to tell others about it! 

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