Step Into Your Personal Power With This Full-Body Kettlebell Workout

by Jerald Dyson

Every single workout is an opportunity to stand in our power. And sometimes power looks like pushing our body to accomplish what our mind says it can’t; other times, it looks like knowing when to hold back or simply let go. Furthering our fitness is a balancing act that happens one breath and one rep at a time. With that in mind, we’ve teamed up with Under Armour and fitness coach Lacee Lazoff to create an empowering full-body kettlebell workout. Full of explosive and dynamic movements, this routine will invoke strength. But concluding with a meditative exercise, it will also inspire softness. After exploring the full spectrum of what our body is capable of, this routine will leave us feeling unstoppable.

Power may be an inside job, but how we support our body on the outside matters too. The UA Meridian Leggings, ultrasoft but ready to work, were designed with your full potential in mind. Same with the aerodynamic fit and strategic support of the UA Infinity High Printed Sports Bra. Paired with the Women’s UA HOVR™ Apex 3 Training Shoes, this outfit has everything you need to take your fitness to new heights.


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