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by Jerald Dyson
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Health Coach Institute: So you’ve become a health coach or are planning on becoming one, your main question will probably be, what kind of jobs do health coaches do? The world of health and wellness is vast, with many possibilities and options at your disposal. 

Certain jobs may have additional requirements. But worry not, because we will also tell you how to attain the credentials to qualify you for those jobs. Health coaching jobs are playing an important part in the future of medicine and healthcare.

What Is A Health Coach’s Job?

Generally speaking, people with a variety of health conditions might benefit from the services of a health coach. Health coaches assist clients in developing new, healthy behaviors, whether it’s weight reduction, managing chronic diseases, dietary modifications, or stopping smoking. 

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Health coaches can have a beneficial influence on the lives of their patients. Different health coaches focus on different aspects of their client’s health. Predominantly, the job of a health coach is to mentor and support their clients to set better health goals through their diet and lifestyles. 

While this may seem like a very vague and open-ended job description, a health coach often specializes in specific fields of health, medicine, nursing, wellness, etc. Their job is to provide their clients with ways to improve their quality of life and make it easier. 

What Types Of Health Coaches Are There?

Health coach institute: In order to really understand what it is that a health coach does, we must look into the types of health coaches that there are. They each come from different educational and professional backgrounds, therefore making their qualifying requirements vastly different from one another. 

Health Coach 

Surprised? Probably not, but the most common type of health coach is exactly that. Their job is to help their clients make sustainable lifestyle adjustments to improve their overall quality of life. They have a very hands-on approach with the creation of health plans that relate to diet, exercise, and lifestyle. 

These plans are more realistic than the rigid and oftentimes harmful plans that can be found online. Health and fitness are not about seeing the fastest results but rather the best progressive methods that will seamlessly carry you to your end goal. 

Paleo Health Coach

Health coach institute: A paleo health coach takes a completely different approach than any other health coach. Their focus is also helping you make your life more enjoyable, but they believe that medicine can be found in nature. 

Natural herbs, foods, drinks, and practices have been shown to impact our health positively, and that’s exactly what paleo health coaches aim to promote. Cut out the processed foods and drinks and resort back to naturally produced and grown whole foods and drinks. 

They also used principles of evolutionary biology and ancestral anecdotes that have been improving humankind’s health for centuries and help you integrate them into your everyday lives for a healthier, happier, and more natural tomorrow. 

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Wellness Health Coach

Health coach institute: A wellness health coach will learn to strike a balance between physical, emotional, mental, social, intellectual, occupational, and spiritual well-being.  You will learn not just to exist but rather truly enjoy your life if you are struggling with your wellness health coach. 

Wellness is a fluid notion that may not always necessitate a specific health objective, such as reducing weight or increasing gut health. A Wellbeing Health professional assists clients in developing methods for achieving balance and enhancing all aspects of personal wellness, although they are not necessarily goal-oriented.

Holistic Health Coach

Have you ever heard that saying that a happy mind is a happy body? Well, that’s what wellness health coaches can help you achieve. They recognize that your physical health is not the only element needed for a healthy life. 

Poor physical health can stem from poor mental health, and at times it may seem like no matter how much you take care of yourself physically, you’re not improving. That’s because your body is not always the root of the problem, and treating your mind right will give you instantaneous results once you learn to address it the right way with your holistic health coach. 

Health Coach Institute: Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) Health Coach

An FDN Health Coach is one of the most common and highly regarded types of a health coaches. There are many high-paying job opportunities for FDN’s and one of the most difficult coaching jobs of them all.

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They act as a genuine detective with their clients, identifying the actual physiological, biochemical, and behavioral issues that will help them to enhance their overall health and well-being. Thus, FDN is a basic approach to health that employs a sort of “health detective” work to eventually discover and fix underlying causes and situations that contribute to health problems.

How Can I Get A Health Coaching Job?

Health coach institute: A bachelor’s degree in a health-related field, such as nutrition, counseling, psychology, or nursing, is common among health coaches. However, a certification is an excellent approach for health coaches to demonstrate their professional skills and talents. 

Examinations are administered by credentialing organizations such as the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and the National Society of Health Coaches (NSHC) to persons seeking the title of certified health coach (CHCs). To qualify for certification tests, several certification bodies require applicants to satisfy academic and experience qualifying criteria. In addition, other certificates are available, such as those offered by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC). 

Health Coach Institute: What Types Of Health Coaching Jobs Are There?

Now that you know of all the types of health coaches you can become and how to become them, it’s time to look into the kinds of jobs for health coaches on the market. 

While the part-time to the full-time route is still the most popular way to build a lucrative health coaching practice, there are now many alternatives for those who don’t want to waste another second of their lives working in a soul-crushing job that has nothing to do with their passion for health and wellness and helping others.

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A Full-Time Health Coach 

If you’re truly one who can dedicate most of your time and energy to helping people, then this is the perfect fit for you. There are many full-time health coach job opportunities. In addition, you will often be working in a team with many other specialists.

You can be a full-time health coach for a private clinic, research institutions like the Mayo Clinic, wellness programs such as Google and Fitbit, health and wellness companies, primary care groups, and health coaching companies. 

Health Insurance Health Coaches

Health coach institute: Health coaches now work very closely with health insurers, and there are multiple reasons for this. The first and main reason is that insurers believe in a preventative approach, so they offer health coach consultations to their clients. 

These consultations can be in-person, online, and even over the phone. You get to choose which method suits you best, and often time’s insurers do not charge their clients for these consultations to further encourage them. 

Clients will share any health concerns or issues that they are facing, and their health coach then takes the time to formulate the healthiest approach that can be taken to solve those problems. 

Private Health Coach Practice 

Are you someone who likes to be their boss? Then it would be best if you thought of setting up your private practice as a health coach. Put not just your medical skills but also business and entrepreneurial skills to the test. 

As a private practice health coach, you will get to set your hours, pick your clientele, manage your own business, hire interns or juniors to aid you in your practice and as a learning opportunity for them, and much more! 

You will get to make a name for yourself in the health coaching world by establishing and succeeding in your personal practice, which will teach you more than any other health coaching job. 

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Health Coach Institute: Partnering With Other Health Coaches And Health Professionals

Becoming a health coach does not need to be a lonely job. You can partner up with other health coaches to launch a practice or other health professionals such as hospitals, clinics, pharmacists, etc. 

Do you know how they say teamwork makes the dream work? This definitely rings true in the health and wellness world because the more people there are to work as a force, the better treatments can be given to patients.

 Your job will be getting to know the patient and their issues, and you will forwards this information to other health professionals who will then make treatments plans based on your observations. Doctors’ offices and clinics alike are flooded with patients, day in and day out, but a helping hand like a health coach never hurt anyone!

So whether you decide to take the traditional approach and join a team of full-time health coaches, striving to make healthcare more accessible for everyone or take the risk of starting your own practice, know that you will inevitably be working towards making the world a better, healthier and happier place, one person at a time.

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