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by Jerald Dyson
teen life coach

Just like adults, teens sometimes need the professional guidance of life coaches. They might need a life coach to deal with a hatful of coming-of-age problems involving friendships, drugs, and sex. According to many studies, teenagers who have more than three role models in their lives, other than parents, are more likely to avoid risky behavior.

What Is A Teen Life Coach?

A teen life coach is a professional who helps the adolescent and preadolescent youth of today to achieve their goals to broaden their abilities and options in the future. A teenager requires life coaching because it provides that certain person an excellent life map to achieve positive life changes and personal success.

teen life coach

Teen Life Coaching VS Counseling

Many people confuse teen life coaching with counseling. Most of the time, when parents are struggling with their children’s poor behavior, they hire a therapist or counselor. However, partnering with a teen life coach is quite different. The biggest difference between a counselor and a life coach is that the main focus of a teen life coach is your future, while a counselor deals with the past. 

Unlike counseling and therapy, you don’t need a problematic issue to hire a life coach. Life coaching teaches your teenagers the important life skills that they need to survive in practical life. Plus, when it comes to getting help, teenagers are quite sensitive and open to working with a life coach because they don’t consider something is wrong with them. 

7 Ways A Teen Life Coach Can Help Youth

Why your kid needs a life coach? How can a life coach help teenagers? What are the benefits of hiring a teen life coach? Well, there are several reasons to hire a life coach for teenagers. These professionals can help them achieve their goals and attain the full potential that is essential for the youth’s personal growth.

Here Are The Top 7 Ways A Teen Life Coach Can Help The Youth:

Envisioning The Future

One of the most significant benefits of partnering with a life coach is that you can picture and articulate your desired future. Plus, a teen life coach also creates a perfect plan for your kids to achieve that future. According to several studies, the more you are connected with your dreams and goals, the more likely you will achieve them.

A teen life coach works as a guide; this professional guides their clients into the well-explained imagery of the future they would love to live and help them transform that image into reality. 

Relationship Skill

As a teenager, you are sensitive, emotional and want to feel love. Relationships impact our happiness and wellbeing more than any other thing in life. Our mental and physical health, level of professional success, and length of life are all directly or indirectly connected with our most valued relationships.

A teen life coach allows you to identify healthy relationships and improve your communication skills. Besides basic relationship skills and communication skills, a life coach also teaches you how to set boundaries, resolve conflicts, and above all, how to show up in a relationship in an emotionally and healthy, intelligent way.

Being Of Service

A life coach helps teenagers sustain their self-respect by contributing to the lives of people around them and appreciating the value of caring and loving. Teen coaches provide a thorough practice of self-love that includes meeting and focusing on the needs of other people.

A teen life coach teaches teenagers that sharing with others is a way of happiness. Coaches create passion and allow you to see how satisfying it is to be of any service. They encourage contribution and generosity as ways of developing one’s own sense of purpose and pride and nurturing one’s own happiness and wellbeing.

teen life coach

Creating Healthy Habits

Another way a life coach can help youth is by creating healthy habits. Teenage is the base of your whole life. Taking extra care of your soul, mind and body are the fundamentals of a teen life coaching program. A teen life coach provides support and motivates you to develop new healthy and self-care habits.

Once you decide what kind of habits you want in your life, a teen life coach helps you adopt these habits and stick with them. These habits include inner peace-generating activities, mindful eating, and daily exercise.

Becoming Self-Aware

Investing in yourself is the core of what the life coach is all about. As a life coach reflects a teenager’s thoughts, experiences, desires, and beliefs back to them, they get a chance to understand and learn about themselves thoroughly and more deeply. A life coach teaches you how to become more self-aware by targeting your unique skills and gifts.

As self-awareness is the root of self-trust, the more teenagers know about themselves, the more they believe in themselves, enabling them to be more self-assured and less anxious as they make small and big life decisions in their lives. 

Building Confidence

Life coaching conversations and exercises are designed to highlight a teenager’s abilities, natural talents, successes, and strengths. Coaches put a lot of thought and emphasis on those exercises to know what coaching tools and techniques will work and how to use them. 

Several teenagers begin to see their capabilities and natural gifts in coaching sessions that boost their confidence level. This increase in confidence allows them to make progress in life, get through hard times and make better and healthy life decisions. Teen life coaching is not limited to positive qualities and strengths of youth; this field also targets the areas of life where growth is useful and necessary to achieve self-improvement. 

Fostering Independence

A teen life coach is not your parent, friend, or coworker. These professionals won’t give you advice but guide you. Good quality and experienced life coach never tells you what to do, simply by dialogues. These professionals guide their clients in identifying the outer and inner resources that they can use for accomplishing tasks, overcoming obstacles, solving problems, achieving goals, and making decisions.

Instead of providing direct answers to teenagers’ problems, a life coach encourages them to find solutions on their own. These professionals make your children independent that is necessary to grow in both personal and professional lives. A life coach allows teenagers to see that it is up to them to take action and that no one can do it for them.

How To Parent Like A Teen Life Coach?

teen life coach

If you have a teenager at home, you are surely riding on the struggling bus. Teenagers are going through a lot, lack of motivation, defiance, anxiety, and mood swings, and the worst part is that they won’t talk to you about it. According to us, a teenager does not need a parent; they need a coach.

You can use the following strategies to parent your children like a teen life coach:

  • Starting with changing yourself
  • Ask them what they want
  • Show them you care but don’t want to control their lives
  • Communicate with them regularly
  • Invest your time and connect with them

How Much Does A Teen Life Coach Cost?

Different life coaches have different per session charges. On average, a teen life coach can charge anywhere between $80 to $150 per hour. If a coach only offers per-session pricing, expect to pay up to $175. However, to save some bucks, you can always ask for a discount or find a teen life coach that offers coaching packages.

In coaching packages, a life coach offers multiple medium-term sessions. On average, a package of three one-hour sessions can cost up to $300, and a package of four one-hour sessions can cost up to $350, which is quite economical.

How To Find An Experienced Teen Life Coach?

There are two types of teen life coaches available out there: online life coaches and in-person life coaches. We recommend finding an online life coach because there are numerous online life coaches available out there with different experiences and qualifications. To find an online life coach, you can go through matching services and coaching directories.

If you think an in-person life coach is the best option for your child, you need to find a local life coach. The downside of these life coaches is that they might not suit the personality of your children. To find a local life coach, you can search “teen life coach near me” on Yelp, Google, or other search engines or get a referral from your friends and family members.


teen life coach

A teen life coach is a professional who helps your children achieve certain goals or improve their lifestyles. These professionals use different coaching techniques and tools to help teenagers attain their full potential. There are several ways a teen life coach can help the youth, such as:

  1. Envisioning the Future
  2. Improving the Relationship Skills
  3. Being of Service
  4. Creating Healthy Habits
  5. Becoming Self-Aware
  6. Building Confidence
  7. Fostering Independence

If you want to avoid a teen life coach and build a better relationship with your teenagers, you can adopt the following strategies:

  • Starting with changing yourself
  • Ask them what they want
  • Show them you care but don’t want to control their lives
  • Communicate with them regularly
  • Invest your time and connect with them

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