The Beauty Routine A Pro Esthetician Has Been Using As Of Late

by Jerald Dyson

“I have my own studio, and I also work for a dermatologist, Cheryl Karcher, who is an amazing medical director. Working for her has been transformative in my learning and my knowledge on skin because I never stop learning working there.

“The concept of placing robust actives between really non-robust products is something that I take so literally in my own practice in taking care of my own skin, but it’s something that I really base my foundation of working with everybody on.

“When you look at really active lines, for example an acne line, you see a lot of repeated actives throughout. You’ll have an active cleanser, a strong toner, a strong serum, a spot treatment, and an active moisturizer. I think that concept is really antiquated and really damaging—you can really strip your barrier with that. Instead, use really active ingredients placed within a really hydrating and barrier-supporting routine whether it’s a professional treatment or your home care. That’s something we hold hands on as a team.”


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