The Best Mattresses For Low-Back Pain Of 2022 + Chiropractor Tips

by Jerald Dyson

Low-back pain is one of the main causes of poor sleep quality. And the tricky thing is that if you’re not getting proper sleep, back pain becomes a whole lot harder to recover from.

“Without the healing benefits of a good night’s rest, the injury may last longer, and therefore pain levels last longer too,” says Jacinta Di Prinzio, D.C., of Open Space Healing in Western Australia. She adds that poor sleep is also associated with increased markers of inflammation, which only exacerbate pain.

On the other hand, when back pain sufferers are able to rest up, it’s super beneficial for their recovery. “Think of a good night’s sleep as our body’s way to reset from the wear and tear of the day and heal,” says Caitlin Redding, D.C., RYT, of Redding Chiropractic in Pennsylvania. There’s no part of the body that doesn’t benefit from a solid snooze, our backs very much included.


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