The Best Order To Eat Your Meal For Blood Sugar Balance

by Jerald Dyson

Wondering what this looks like in practice? Let’s say you’re sitting down for a home-cooked meal, and you have a healthy serving of salmon, spinach, and brown rice, with a slice of cake for dessert (we highly suggest one of these Mediterranean-diet-inspired sweet treats). According to Inchauspe’s theory, you’ll want to eat the spinach first, then the salmon, then the rice, and finish it off with dessert. 

If you’re at a restaurant, on the other hand, Inchauspe recommends another blood sugar hack: Don’t eat the complimentary bread before consuming a meal. “People [who] eat the bread on an empty stomach create a big glucose spike,” she explains. “So by the time they’ve finished their main course, they’re smack in the middle of a massive glucose crash, and they feel really hungry, and they have cravings.” That’s not to say you must skip the bread basket altogether—if you wait to have it alongside your protein, fats, and vegetables, you’ll have a much steadier glucose response. 


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