The Cooling & Anti-Inflammatory Cocktail Is Here To Save Your Weekend

by Jerald Dyson

Rose flowers can be snipped and steeped in a summertime tea to naturally bring down your body temperature in the heat of the season. (If you’re feeling overheated, you can also bask in a cool bath sprinkled with rose petals for a full-body experience!)

As an herbalist, I’m always trying to find ways to interest people in using herbs, and adding easy herbal teas to mocktails and cocktails is a great place to start. Teas lend an unexpected, all-natural flavor to your drink while also infusing your cup with a botanical wellness boost.

When it comes to sourcing your petals, it’s never a good idea to consume store-bought roses from the grocery or florist because many cut flowers are treated with chemical pesticides.

If you want to use fresh rose petals for this recipe, then the surest and safest way is to either grow them yourself or source them from a trusted grower who can confirm they are organic. You can even forage for your own roses, as long as you know for certain that the plants have not been sprayed and you’re able to safely identify them.

If finding fresh rose petals is difficult, then you can purchase organic dried rose petals online instead. 


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